Ministry of Secular Affairs

Is India in secularity crisis when a non-secular political party heading the government for 2nd time? Surprisingly, it has been elected by the democratic people at a major of different identities and believes. None of them is non-secular in true sense in India because everyone has own identity in terms of his/her believe so far as his/her surname is connected to his/her identity.

Opponents and intellectuals or sensitive individuals at least in terms of secularity of the nature of the nation had been/ are batting for because the ruling majority is from an extreme non-secular political party. Some experiences/incidents are badly attached with this political party for non-secular acts in this secular nation. Therefore, government ruling by this political party, they assume, would be enough to disintegrate the nation badly for fulfillment of very purpose of non-security. These opponents are variously trying to make aware and educate the people of this democracy. They are trying to create a pressure for that differently also. But it did not/would not work because people are very much self- judgmental, and they are not so much concerned in their daily living than the groups who are battling for this. As if, it is a business of this group. 

Now might these opponent groups create a pressure to introduce a separate ministry might be considered as Ministry of Secular Affairs? Might it be evidence that ruling political party is non-secular? If so, how does it work and who might lead this ministry? 

Interestingly, it seems that this ministry should go to the hand of an opponent. Only the opponents might evaluate the non-secular charges and acts against the government. Accordingly, it might bring charges to the appropriate authority, and it would influence a secular action.  Is it not a funny matter at all? The 17th poll recorded that only 36.4% voters voted to the BJP as non-secular party. We might think that they are all non-secular, while rest of the voters is secular. The statistic showed that non-secular community is a minority in this country, and majority of India’s population is obviously secular. Therefore, they would protect the secularity of the country. Non-secular minority is already minor to make communal disturbance. 

Are these noisy thoughts of opponent groups creating more disturbances and divisions between secular and non-secular? Factually, is it not enough to influence people of this country to involve in the tassel/conflict? Ultimately, everyone ( for and against of this secularity) is trying to make profit anyhow from a different dimension. So, introduction of a new Ministry of Secular Affairs would not be able to protect the secular interest of the people of this country.

The opponent groups of this ruling government should be skeptical about the programme and policies of the government. These groups should leave the issue of non-secularity too much. It would be better for the country and countrymen. Ultimately, this ruling government is trying to break the secularity nature of this country. It’s policy and programme is for making this country as a Hindu state ignoring its preamble of the largest secular nation, while India was never a non-secular nation. It is a safe country for all faiths. CAA/CAB/NRC, etc. is nothing to promote communal riots in this country. It is an organized tactical effort of the ruling government to turn the heads of people from economic depression and failure of government to tackle it. 

On the other part, opponents of the ruling government is publicizing the issue of CAA/CAB/NRC for very own purpose of people support for the next election. No opponent is taking responsibility to control conflict and violence. Rather, they are creating an environment of threats and violence. This is the time to protect the secularity at any cost without any politics because it may take lives of the common and the country may be witnessed a great massacre in humanity. After all,  India is a country of tolerance and peace. Therefore, no politics would be granted for commons live.


More by :  Dr. Harasankar Adhikari

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