Human Rights!

Much is spoken about human rights and human rights violations. There is an inherent problem with this approach to trying to create a just world for humans to live in that is conducive to the actualizing of human potential. Even for the most 'humanistic' among us, hearing the word 'human' conjures up associations of that which is flawed and temporal . For those among us who are of a less generous spirit, the word 'human' arouses visions of that which is barely more than animal, that which can be exploited and abused, that which is to be preyed upon. Of course there are those who feel free to decide who is human and to what degree. The concept of human rights is vulnerable to being usurped by secular 'humanist' who have their own agenda for the future of Humankind, as will be discussed shortly. At worst, the really unsavory among us can perpetrate all kinds of perversions of justice even as they hide behind the banner of 'human rights'. It seems clear that appealing to our gentler sentiments with the subject of 'human rights' is doomed to failure. We are in need of an unequivocal concept that cannot be distorted or used cynically and opportunistically.

When secular humanitarians speak about 'human rights' they are convinced that they are well-meaningly edging the world toward a scenario in which everyone is making a good enough living to have access to enough creature comforts so as to be a bit dulled and lethargic and not be a nuisance or a threat to those who are getting really rich at their expense. They want to create a world of willing, salary slaves who are making enough money to indulge their passions and fantasies, and thus be addicted to them. In the body of this paper I hope to demonstrate that this is in fact a regime of extreme cruelty and is in disharmony with everything that we were brought into existence to accomplish. We are not intended to reach the zenith of human potential as envisioned by secular humanists. We are intended to actualize the GODLINESS which is inherent in each and every one of us. Preventing a Human Being from actualizing his/her GOD-SELF, keeping people unaware that this SELF exists, is a terrible torment, indeed, even if the means of prevention is considered pleasant and desirable by the individual who prefers to be a slave to his/her lower Self.

Keeping one's own SELF enslaved, is the gravest infidelity that one can commit.

When the slaveholder acts cruelly to the slave he causes the slave to contemplate escape. What merit can be found in the slave who, being able to walk out free, chooses to remain and be the chattel of another, even though he serves in a palace? Although it is true that there are Souls that take it upon Themselves to experience all manner of hardships in order to bring the Light of GOD to the nether worlds, these are not the most advanced Souls spiritually. It is possible to achieve the same wisdom by higher means.

True kindness resides in educating and encouraging the Human race from our birth to believe in GOD, in Ourselves and in Each Other. It means making each person know that they are participating in the great unfolding of the INFINITE. True kindness towards our children resides in seeing to it that every avenue for spiritual advancement is open to them and preventing anything from impeding that advancement. We need to protect our children from falling prey to those who would hinder their enjoyment of, or interfere with, the spiritual journey by addicting them to gross physical and emotional stimulation.

We also have the problem of defining what exactly are 'Human rights'. Questions like the following arise: Does every human have the right to a home? Does every human have the right to adequate food and hygiene? Does every human have the right to be literate? Does every human have the right to be healthy and free of pain? Does every human have the right to reproduce? Do these rights extend to all humans under all circumstances? Why is it that we see that GOD has commissioned nature to take these 'rights' from some humans? Why is it hat GOD has given us the power to torment one another? What are we to say about those humans who willingly give up some or all of these 'rights'? These questions confound the mind because we are trying to understand what a Human is, and what a Human's rights are in a secular, materialistic and even mechanical way. We then fall into the trap of imagining the questions to be of an academic, intellectual nature. The issues as to what Humans need and whether these needs can be satisfied and how become crystal clear when we conceive of what a Human being is clearly.

Actually, a Human has only one right. That is the right to spiritual evolution. The right to attain the highest possible level of GOD IN HUMAN FORM that that particular Human can, in that particular lifetime is the only right that one has. This is the only reason that we Humans exist at all. And the reason for this is very simple - we Humans are GOD as IT is manifesting in Self-awareness in time and space. I will say that again for the secular and the religious alike-WE ARE GOD ITSELF BECOMING. Our one and only right is the right to attain the level of GOD ITSELF BEING as well as GOD BECOMING. All that we need, as GOD incarnate, in order to evolve from GOD BECOMING to GOD BEING AND BECOMING are our needs as Human beings and everything that we need to fulfill our purpose will flow to us naturally once we have consciously dedicated ourselves to this purpose. We will have to make a concerted effort to attain or purpose, but will not be in a rat race, having that disturbing feeling that our Herculean efforts are Sisyphean. Could the answer be so simple? Yes. One of the very worst addictions we suffer from when we are in the state of being unenlightened as to our own and others GODLINESS is addiction to creating problems and then trying to solve them. Intellectuals love the various wheels created in their heads by this. Business people love the wheels of wheeling and dealing created by this. Do-gooders love feeling necessary because, after all, if there was no human misery, how could they be such do-gooders? All this is busywork that keeps us from our goal. All this is vanity and utter nonsense.

Once the above is clearly understood and internalized a lot of questions dissolve into meaninglessness. When we realize that in the presence of a Human Being we are in the presence of GOD ITSELF, that we are being given the gift of witnessing how the UTMOST arrives at being the UTMOST and that this is true of Ourselves as well, then we cannot but relate to one another appropriately ' with love and awe and identification and the sincere desire to aid one other on our shared way toward our goal of attaining the level of GOD BEING as well as GOD BECOMING.

GOD ITSELF descends to the level of a Soul, which in turn forgets WHO It is and creates a world to descend into. The Soul has many adventures in that world for the purpose of becoming a more accurate version of GOD incarnated. If a Soul is on the level where it believes that there is merit in suffering and is not yet willing to eschew the illusions of suffering, the Assembly of Sages of the Higher Worlds will take a unanimous decision to allow that Soul to be born into suffering until the Soul renounces suffering as unnecessary and futile. That is the reason that there are those who are born in a body or with a mind that causes them an inordinate amount of suffering. The decision to be born as such must be ratified on the highest levels of Wisdom. The Assembly of Sages in the Highest Worlds allows a Soul to take on a defective physical vehicle for the express purpose of advancing a Soul to the understanding that suffering is of no avail. No one can make the decision for someone else in this world that it is for the person's 'good' to be maimed, persecuted, tortured, abandoned, exiled, isolated or otherwise tormented. While in this world we simply do not have the collective wisdom necessary to be able to understand these matters. Therefore, we have no right to hurt one another, but must act in accordance with the guidelines of compassion as they have been passed down in the Holy written and oral traditions of all Peoples. We have no right whatsoever to create socio-economic misery just as we have no right whatsoever to cause physical mental, emotional or spiritual injury.

There are some Humans who will instinctively know that for a specified time in their lives, or even for their entire lives, they must practice asceticism. Or, they must do so because the written and/or oral tradition of their People requires that they do so if they wish to advance spiritually. Such people will fast, live in the most meager of conditions, deprive themselves of an intimate relationship with another and procreation. Again, one can make these decisions for oneself, but even then only in accordance with the ancient agreed-upon tradition of ones People. The various traditions relating to asceticism were handed down to each People by its own Prophets, who were entrusted by the Assembly of Sages in the Higher Worlds to teach their People those practices which are specific to that People in order to bring them to the fulfillment of their specific expression of GOD incarnated. No one outside the culture or acting on his or her own understanding has the right to enforce starvation, or deprivation of clean, decent, hygienic and healthful living conditions, education or procreation on another living being. It is known too, that all of the great world religions warn against extreme asceticism and self-maiming. God enjoins us to enjoy the world in holiness and in a circumspect manner as prescribed by the Sages of every culture who have been named by the Assembly of Sages in the Higher Worlds to be the keepers of the welfare of their Peoples in accordance with the varying spiritual needs as they exist and express themselves in different cultures.

Every culture has the absolute right to It's autonomous existence and every individual in every culture has his/her right to existence. Just as every color has it's natural and necessary right to existence in the spectrum, so every culture represents a 'frequency' of spiritual 'light' in the human spectrum and is absolutely essential for the Divine to be revealed clearly. The taking away of the right of existence from a person is the exclusive right of GOD or by those acting in accordance with GOD's laws as they express themselves in the long-standing religious traditions of the People to which an accused person belongs. A death sentence must be carried out only by the Sages of the condemned person's own culture, who, having taken a joint decision to terminate that personality's existence, come to that decisions because and only because the condemned person has been found guilty of a sin that cannot be rectified in this world and demands that the Soul be given a new opportunity to rectify the sin in a different world. The Sages of the condemned person's own People must carry out the execution of the death sentence and they must declare an oath in public that they are taking the full responsibility for what they are doing upon themselves, both in Heaven and on Earth, and that their Souls will carry the full responsibility for the decision and the action. A life cannot be ended in any another way by Human agency. In those cultures which have no established guidelines for death penalties, it may be understood that the People of that culture are incapable of committing any sin which cannot be rectified in this world, or are capable of rectifying any sin they may commit in this world or are still caught in the wheel of transmigration and will rectify their sin in another configuration. Such persons may not be put to death under any circumstances.

The success of those who are acting against the realization of God's plan for this world is based on the following points:

  • They are organized.

  • We allow them to succeed because of our own erroneous, but widely-held belief that suffering is meritorious and the path to purification of ourselves and others.

  • We think that once having sinned we are irreparably damaged and don't turn to God for help, feeling ashamed and disgraced.

  • We entertain a mentality of scarcity.

  • We envy and worship the rich and powerful.

It seems proper to address each of these issues in detail, as a great deal of happiness or sorrow will come about as a result of our putting these demons to rest.

  1. There are many people in this world who genuinely love peace and pursue peace. But they imagine themselves to be isolated or are working in groups that hold views which prevent them from working with others outside of the group on spiritual matters. If one holds to the religious view that only the way s/he believes is true Godliness, obviously the ability of that person to give oneself over to the critical mass necessary to change this world is greatly limited. We have been instructed, by the Wise in every culture that a critical mass of People, working in concerted effort, toward the end of the rectification of this World is necessary for the rectification to come about in actuality. Even though spiritual giants have walked the face of the earth, the rectification has not yet come about because the cooperation necessary has not yet been attained. This cooperation is in fact very difficult. We must respect that there are beliefs and traditions that others cannot give up. There are traditions and beliefs that we cannot give up, if we are to retain our integrity as a child of a given People. All of our souls contracted to take on certain beliefs when we were born into the People we were born into. We must find, then, a way to think paradoxically. We need to be able to join together in our common desire to create a GOD-centered world, which requires that we fully respect one another, but not relinquish the very religious differences necessary for the whole spectrum of Godliness to exist. We need to hold tenaciously on to that which makes us the distinct expression of GOD that we are, even as we find those areas in which it is permitted for us to surrender to that which is universal GODLINESS in all of us. Even though this attainment is a difficult one, indeed; it is also essential because GOD loves organized, concerted efforts. This is why those who are not spiritually evolved are yet able to succeed so long as they form organizations. We, therefore, too must be able to form an organization of Souls dedicated to the creation of a GOD-centered world. The alternative to this is to live under the influence of organizations dedicated to their own agendas. Please note: There is no intention of belligerence in this type of organization whatsoever.

  2. Unfortunately, many of us have been taught that there is spiritual value in suffering and that suffering cleanses us of our sins. We willingly allow ourselves to be humiliated, enslaved, debased and otherwise tormented socio-economically. The idea that GOD takes sadistic pleasure in Human suffering is attributing perversion to GOD! If ever there was a carefully calculated mentality devised to keep the masses down, this is it. GOD's premiere Self-expressions are Love and Joy. God loves Joy. In the Chassidic tradition of Judaism it is taught that the presence of GOD can only rest on a person performing a GODLY precept in Joy. Let's throw the masochism out the window.

  3. We've been told that rectification of sin is so difficult as to be well-nigh impossible. We think of GOD as a petty person, who holds grudges and is unable to forgive. Or, perhaps, we're so ashamed of having sinned that we think we're beyond hope. Know that the inner essence of the request for forgiveness is the meditations of GOD on forgiveness. By asking for forgiveness You are actually GOD ITSELF bringing forgiveness into being. Not understanding more than a very few words in Sanskrit, I could hear this clearly in Rajender Krishan's transliteration of Aarti-the Hindu Daily Prayer (see this web site www.indianest.com.com/hinduism/001.htm). While those who do understand Sanskrit intend to praise GOD and beseech It (conceived of as 'Him') to be enlightened in reciting the Aarti. This is clear from the translation of the prayer which Rajender Krishan offers on the same web page. When one attributes meanings to words one finds it difficult to hear the words as they are being uttered by GOD in the realms above the intelligible. It is at these levels that forgiveness is being brought into existence. Everything that exists in the phenomenal world is mirrored in the Supernal worlds. The selfsame prayers and meditations and chants that we pronounce are being pronounced by GOD. By erasing the meanings of the words from our minds, no matter how lofty, and just pronouncing the sounds, we erase the imagined duality between Ourselves and GOD. One who can do this is no longer under the influences that lead to reincarnation.

    There is no need to fear that forgiveness of sins comes only after many incarnations. *Know that reincarnation exists only on a particular band of the entire spectrum of existence.* Reincarnation exists on the levels of consciousness where beings create the illusion of space/time and conceive of development in a restricted way and we imagine that certain forms of existence are preferable to others. When we want to keep ourselves distant from other sentient beings or from ourselves in other configurations and levels of consciousness, we create the illusion of space/time as the medium in which this distancing is accomplished. We restrict our understanding of development to mere value judgments. This is the outcome of our ethnocentrism, prejudice and feelings of superiority and inferiority toward other sentient beings. One of the advantages of being in control of the emotions which are the progenitors of ethnocentrism, prejudice, aversions, fear and delusions of superiority and inferiority, is being loosened from the shackles of worry that we'll be reincarnated as a so and so, whatever the bias may be.

    Rectification of sin is most effectively and directly brought about by prayer. By using our GOD-like faculty of speech, we jump over the band of existence on which reincarnation occurs and we bring down forgiveness from very high levels of Holiness.

    Forgiveness too is powerful enough to jettison us out of the sway of the spheres that keep us transmigrating. If we are strong enough to forgive, really forgive, ourselves as well as others, we have become strong enough spiritually to be impervious to the forces of reincarnation. Clearly, praying for the welfare of those who we imagine have harmed us creates a harmonic effect of these two most powerful spiritual tools ' prayer and forgiveness and together they rectify and transform everything our Soul has experienced. There is a Jewish prayer in which we declare to God that we forgive anyone who has harmed us in any incarnation, we ask for forgiveness in turn and pray that God will not punish anyone on our account. It is a powerful prayer because it rectifies all of what our Soul experiences in the present, past and future and elevates us to the levels of Being beyond those governed by transmigration.

    Saying prayers for the welfare of others, while concentrating not on the meaning attributed to the words, but only on the sounds and vibrations we are producing is most powerful. Reciting prayers while concentrating only on the sounds and vibrations being produced by the one/s saying the prayer is not praying mindlessly by rote. It is praying on the level from which GOD vivifies that which we are praying for and imbues it with the ability to abide in this world. It is a very desirable level of prayer to attain. Below this level words have meanings and therefore perception is limited and constricted in one world in which laws are immutable, phenomena are fixed. Here we experience GOD as Other and that it why we pray to It in second or third person. Above this level there is no differentiation, intelligibility or separation whatsoever. We are at the level of the All in the All, all worlds that exist at lower levels as distinguishable entities are nullified/existent at once. There is no possibility for creating an apprehensible, substantial, enduring world of any kind. Neither is there any possibility of rectification of any world. The aim is neither to obliterate the worlds nor to be caught in worlds the laws of which hold us in thrall. The golden mean is to reach the level where phenomena are being called into existence and are being imbued with durability, but are not set in one possible interpretation.

  4. We may believe that there are just so many resources in the world, and GOD is not benevolent enough to see to it that those resources to go around. We think it's really a big deal for GOD to have to feed six billion people. Here we are conceptualizing GOD as a petty tyrant. Pray for everything that you need. That means everything - no matter how trifling the thing seems to you. There are people who think of GOD as the head of a corporation, or as a V.I.P. - they pray only for the big things. This too boils down to anthropomorphizing the Divine.

  5. This point is really a vexation of the mind and a frittering way of precious energy. There isn't a moments' peace for those who envy. As long as we secretly (or not so secretly) harbor the desire to be like the people that are making our spiritual and material lives intolerable, then we cannot become free from their sphere of influence. Only when we want nothing of what they offer to tantalize and addict us can we become free. When we stop waiting for our time to arrive, when we can be the 'cream of society' and experience the dubious thrill of deluding ourselves that we control people's fates, then they can do nothing to affect our fates .

* Know that the rich and powerful, the warlike and the politically shrewd have only that which we allow them to have - that which we confer upon them.* The tragedy of envy is that the one who envies yearns bitterly for what s/he already has. The object of the envy is an embodiment of an aspect of the Soul of the envious and s/he doesn't even know it. The most effective way to deal with a negative power is to have compassion upon it. To find within Ourselves that which is creating it and liberate it from being created in so deformed a way. Know that more than the oppressed need to be liberated from oppression, the oppressors need to be liberated from the insane drive to oppress. Their suffering is truly pathetic. In order to accomplish our own liberation and that of our oppressors we need to relate to our own consciousness as a beloved but unruly child, who needs to be trained in self-discipline. There is nothing to fear, hate, envy or be entranced by at all in any of these embodiments of that which is in our own Souls and which we are projecting onto emptiness. Neither is their any reason to allow their existence to determine our courses of action. Everything that we attribute to those whom we think control us, who we envy, who we idolize are the very characteristics of our own Being. All of it ' omnipotence, beauty, wealth, power and more is within us. It only appears to be standing outside ourselves in the form of others because we are not aware of, no less in control of, our GODLY creative abilities. BE these characteristics, but in GOD-CONSCIOUSNESS, instead of projecting them onto empty space and then quaking in fear and imagined helplessness or being enthralled by your own beauty while thinking that beauty belongs to someone else, or being consumed with envy of that which you possess in abundance so great as to give it away, of slaving for a living even as it is You creating all that is.

The above point demands elaboration. A god is created when we project that which is inside of us onto one specific point. This point becomes a personification. We worship that personification, feel at the mercy of its caprices, propitiate it, build temples and shrines to it at great expense and with much labor, sacrifice all to it, even our children, and believe that it bestows of its powers on us, we thus beseech its mercy. This is idolatry. But this essay is not a diatribe against polytheistic religions. The writer of this essay is well aware that the enlightened sons and daughters of 'polytheistic' religions know the ONE AND ONLY. This is a critique of the bogus imitations of monotheistic religions, and of most economic, social and political regimes. Those who call themselves monotheists, even as they beg foundations and government officials for money are idolaters. Those who confer powers upon governments and industrialists are practicing idolatry.

It seems logical and reasonable enough to assume that social, political and economic problems are solved by putting intelligent social, political and economic programs into practice. These programs are, of course, planned by the intellectual elite, implemented by the political elite and funded by the economic elite. There's one drawback with this ' it's never worked. It never will it work. The planners, implementers and financiers alike are being driven by their own egos. Even when they are well-meaning, there is yet an element of ego in all they do. They, in order to continue to do their 'good', and be important, require the continued dependence of unfortunates to be the recipients of their 'goodwill'. Insatiability has always characterized gods. The last thing they want is for suffering to be eradicated from its root; they'd be out of a job! The illusion that one is helpless in the face of his/her destiny and the illusion that a rich and powerful body can 'rescue' the 'less fortunate' work hand in hand to perpetuate the very real ugly specter of human misery which these illusions create . This is the basis of the myth of the Hydra. You cut off one slimy social, economic or political head and two grow back in its place.

The only way to do away with human ills is to declare to all Mankind the real truth: YOU ARE GOD. START ACTING LIKE IT. Every human ill and suffering comes from the fear of admitting this Truth to Ourselves. We prefer to suffer the tortures of the damned than to accept our Godliness. HOW LONG?! We have only to believe in God and in Ourselves. The wisdom necessary to envision, formulate and provide all the necessary means and conditions for all peoples to express that aspect of GOD which they came into this world to embody exists with us. That wisdom will descend to the lower worlds from the higher worlds as a waterfall if we allow it to.

In the final analysis we see that we are really concerning ourselves with God's right to existence in this world. When understood this way see the colossal arrogance, and understand the ultimate futility in trying to prevent this.

Let's grow out of our spiritual childhood and take responsibility for that which we experience. It avails nothing to cry out to the idols that we have created to save us from ourselves. Let us stop imagining that GOD is like us when we are unenlightened and begin recognizing that We are the Divinity in Human form when we are enlightened. Let's stop relating to GOD only in the third person and begin to refer to GOD in first, second and third person. As has been taught: I AM THAT, YOU ARE THAT AND ALL THIS IS THAT.


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