Arabian Dreams

British rulers had a dream and they realized it through their East India Company. But the sun that never set in their British Raj had to finally set. In similar lines, most of the Arab nations have started dreaming about an empire of theirs where the sun will never set. And they have unleashed grandiose plans with the help of several companies trading in Oil & Gas to realize their dreams. Our dependence on these nations for our vital fuel needs has reached unbelievable levels that many economies are at the complete mercy of these Arabs.

Ambition of Kings and Sheikhs in the Arabian peninsula has also soared to unrealistic levels thanks to the unexpected levels of prosperity achieved in the last few decades. People from all over the world are flocking to the Middle East for making some quick buck and the very sight of first class Blacks, Whites and Browns waiting to take orders from even third rate Arabs have mesmerized many of them. An Arabian empire stretching from Europe in the West to Japan in the East has begun to look attainable for the Arab rulers, especially the Saudi Arabians.

Though the very concept of colonization has undergone vast changes since the decline of British Raj, the underlying attitude of colonizers remains the same. It is not for money alone that colonization is dreamt of, but for the pleasure of suzerainty over the entire world. And now there is the additional connotation of attaining religious superiority through evangelization or establishing a world-wide Ummah. But everything about colonization will boil down to ultimately two factors viz. mentality and money. The foremost requirement for subjugating others without any provocation and deriving pleasure out of their misery is the crux of colonization. Flush with funds and ambitious beyond their capabilities, Arabs are spearheading colonization in the West and East with an unseen frenzy. They have already identified two fool-proof weapons, which they think can rocket them into their desired orbit of supremacy over the entire world. The two deadly weapons are Jihadi Terrorism and Sharia-based Banking.

Jihadi Terrorism

Once it was purely physical manpower that determined colonial victories. Then it became the quantity of gun powder at your disposal. And now it is a combination of so many resources that can make or break any attempt to colonize. As the primary weapon of the new colonizers, Jihadi Terrorism fits the bill in all respects. It can get the best out of a warrior spearheading colonization and at the same time generate the worst fears in the victims. A substantial part of the non-Muslim world is non-violent and very vulnerable to physical assault. Hindu and Buddhist nations of the world are overwhelmingly peace loving, and their hesitance for bloodshed has weakened them. The cultural importance of non-violence in these religions has made them very much vulnerable when they confront terrorists. Vulnerability of India and Indians whenever it comes under attack is the best proof for this. The recent slaughter in Mumbai showcased our vulnerability to the entire world. The simple fact that there is no bomb blast or terrorist attack anywhere in the Arabian peninsula completes our understanding of the Arab plot.

If not anything else, the prosperity generated from oil wealth have made the Arabs very clever. More than anyone else, the Arab rulers know that it is very difficult to get any Arab to become a Jihadi warrior to fight for the realization of their dreams. They have cleverly identified the poor and impoverished Muslim nations as the best bet for them. Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan have been identified as the best choices for unlimited supply of Jihadi warriors. By clever invocation of religion they have succeeded in putting brothers against brothers in the South Asian subcontinent. It is very easy to make a Jihadi out of a Pakistani or an Afghan or a Bangladeshi by a few weeks of brain-washing and throwing a few petro-dollars. The role played by gun powder in the earlier stories of colonization is being played well by the poor and illiterate Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Afghans now. In addition, the Arabs have also roped in many of their co-religionists within US, Europe and India to provide the ground support for the onward march of Jihadi terrorists fighting for an Arabian empire.

Islamic Banking

If Jihadi Terrorism is the physical aspect of the ongoing campaign for an Arabian empire, Sharia-based Banking systems are its complementary soft weapon. Most of the Arab rulers are far richer than their own nations. The concept of Islamic Banking is a clever bye-product of their conspiracy to keep their riches unattached to their national wealth. The poor people in these Arab nations do not know that they will be left with nothing in the event of a regional catastrophe. The mushrooming Sovereign Wealth Funds, Charity Funds and Islamic variants of financial institutions are nothing but a camouflage to provide funding for colonization efforts of these rulers. When millions of common Arabs are still poor, it is difficult to justify diversion of national funds to fuel Jihadi Terrorism and these new type institutions provide the best option to hide them under a religious carpet.

Disparity of wealth is highest in the Arabian peninsula and ever since the advent of oil money it has become much more wider. Rich Arabs have grown more rich and the poor ones are fully at the mercy of their charity. And there are many surprises if we analyze details of the investments made by the top 100 richest Arabs, which includes many of their rulers in their individual capacity. Invariably a major part of their investment is outside their own countries, either in US or Europe or some other greener pastures. There can be many reasons for this. Many of them do not trust their own countries and wants to get the best returns for their money from outside investments (not Islamic Banks). And much more importantly it can be as part of a larger design to help with their colonization efforts. Custodians and dispensers of charity are the very same who are sponsoring terrorism and trying to make strategic investments all over the world.

Whatever be the current proclamations and postures of these Arab nations, we must not forget the fact the latest attempt to establish an ultra-puritan Islamic form of government viz. Taliban in Afghanistan, was promoted, recognized and supported by only three other countries in the world. They were Saudi Arabia, UAE and Pakistan. Without an iota of doubt, it shows the clear intentions of the rulers in these nations to establish a new world order fully controlled by Arab Islamic forces. In other words, the attempt is only to create an Arabian empire under the rule of Saudi Arabian emperors by virtue of their position as custodians of the holy centers of Islam. But for their haste in attempting the 9/11 episode a bit prematurely, they would have cleared much more ground by now. The civilized world must thank God for getting a preview of the impending peril and do all it can to avoid such a catastrophe. It will be good for everyone to remember that Theocratic Monarchy, Kafir-Killing and Slavery will be the guiding principles of any such Arabian empire.  


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