Covid19 Effects: Why and How India Can Benefit

Covid 19 is a multi headed monster. Ever since its existence growing exponentially causing great damage to all countries health wise and wealth wise. Few small nations are exception which are not effected health wise , but damaged wealth wise. Covid 19 virus is causing health problems leading to fatal dees :

UNO studies revealed that about 81% (3300 million) workers livelihood is effected either totally or partially due to closure In industrial sector.

OXFAM studies estimated that about half (50%) of world population will slip into poverty.

Only in USA unemployment swelled to 17 million and looking to unemployment doles.

WTO estimates that world trade will shrink by about 13%- 32% which may prompt some nations to take trade protection measures, like in 1930s.

The brief narrative is only for industrial sector and its fallout on economic scene and unemployment. Effect on agriculture sector further compounds the situation by steep drop of agriculture products and consequent fallout of famine.

Profound effects on INDIA – a developing economy country needs no explanation. In addition India has to take into account its own over population (130 crores) and additional burden of 18 crores of unaccounted belligerent infiltrators and their equally belligerent supporters with own agenda.

Significant feature of Covid19 is, it is Global. All countries are effected. Western Europe, USA, Iran are more severely effected. All countries are putting their best efforts to overcome the virus and develop medicines, which did not yield total relief so far. India gained goodwill and respect in strict handling with vision and supplying medicines for immediate protection and temporary relief to Covid19 effected global community.

It is timely for India to initiate steps to further strengthen our standing in world polity.

I) China is giving huge loans for creating strategic assets to many countries mostly around India to gain both strategic and tactical advantages. Huge loans are becoming noose around the neck for loanee countries and perceived so by their own nationals as selloff of national interests and subverting sovereignty. This sentiment should be fully exploited to wean the countries towards India.

II) USA is challenged and threatened by China/ PLA Navy in South China sea and in North Pacific. USA formed loose alliance with concerned countries. It is inadequate in the present scenario. A permanent body like NATO can fill the empty space. Then alone all concerned pacific rim countries are secure from china dragon from sea front. India should help fulfill the American dream of global leadership for world peace and democratic governance. Under Trump’s administration, USA is isolating from world and international bodies. It is obsessed with ‘ America first’. Democrats and sizable republicans are against the policy and resurgence of USA as global leader. In the present scenario Trump is constrained to reinvent USA’s global leadership to uphold global economic leadership and primacy of US dollar.

III) European Union (EU) demanded china to pay $6.3 Trillion towards compensation for covid19 devastation, as the dreaded virus originated from China few months earlier and not informed to world or WHO. India should explore feasibility to follow precedence from EU and place huge damage claims on China.

III) Many developed western group countries are planning to reduce economic & trade with China if not close it. Australia already announced its intentions. Other countries are expected to follow soon. On our part India should discourage and dissuade China to procure our financial assets either directly ( 1% of HDFC procured by China during, last week) or indirectly through borrower international companies which holds assets in India.

IV) Breakage of international supply chain disabled many manufacturing countries and major global brands, which established manufacturing facilities in China. Japan proposed incentives for relocating such manufacturers in Japan. India should seize the opportunity. India should urgently form product/ system/ group oriented task groups and explore feasibility for providing missing links of supply chain and for that matter the final manufacture of goods. Task groups should further decentralize based on geography - localities/region/country wise. GOI should provide all necessary supporting policies, infrastructure, logistics to relocating companies and financial support to potential Indian manufacturers. Large pool of trained but cheep work force weighs in favour of India. Relocation of industries will boost FDIs, resurge industries, boosts employment in big way and improves economy in short time.

V) Covid19 disaster in away disturbed world order. Many nations including super powers and big 5 of U N security council do not trust China. Some of them proposing to keep China out of loop for trade and commerce, international supply chains. On the other hand India scored very well in terms good will, international cooperation, vision, ethical values. Above all Big thanks to our Leadership to muster all the positive elements. It is the right time for India to strike for Security council permanent membership. Real politic plays the spoil sport. GOOD LUCK INDIA.

VI) India urgently needs to project on global platform as fair yet firm country for internal security and stability. It would enormously improve Indian productivity, economy and generates huge FDIs. Recent disturbances at Shaheenbagh, anti CAA, XXXXXXXXX, projects India as soft and vulnerable democracy. People in the know of things are aware of the money bags and manipulators behind the disturbances. Very nature of spontaneity, avoidable belligerence, deliberate obstruction to public roadways and disturbing public peace is ample evidence. Presently ongoing Covid 19 super spread confirms malice and adds anti national activities like conspiracy and subversion. The nefarious activities are executed by of Misguided Fanatic Morbids- Misfams or MFMs for short, sponsored and supported by anti Indian elements. Most , if not all MFMs are from one religious group -Muslims. Public perception confirms the view. It is not right to attribute the nefarious activities of minority segment to entire religious group which produced stalwart nationalists to India. Rationally MFMs should be isolated from main stream muslims. All nefarious activities should be related and referred as such to MFMs. The measure enables ease of reference, enforcing remedial measures sans guilt of brushing entire community with same colour.

VII) MFMs should be tried as per laws of land but quickly disposed off without succumbing to religious pressures and vote bank politics. As matter of precaution new provisions of punishments be explored. Irrevocable debarment as voters which consequently debars from contest in elections is most appropriate contextually. It should be made applicable not merely to offender to but to all concerned and related with knowledge of offence or offender.

VIII) Consultations with opposition parties is essential democratic norm. Opposition parties in these trying times should offer positive views to nations’ well being rather than pin pricking on minor issues and refrain from political power games or just to score a point.

IX). Most import to enticent is quick award of judgement and strict enforcement of laws like in USA, to get reputation as quick fair and firm administration. It helps to secure more FDIs for speedier recovery and resurgence from Covid19 effects.


More by :  Dr. Somasekhar Rao

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