I am Helpless Citizen in India

I am helpless citizen in India. The democracy in India is made by me, where it is very difficult to find my name in voter list. If it is there, I can only vote if any body else is not voted. It is very difficult to get Government service or information even under right to information.

  • I Cannot Study as education is a private business I need money.
  • I Cannot go to a Hospital as health is a private business I need money.
  • I Cannot go to a Police Station for help as instead of helping me they will make my life more miserable.
  • I Cannot go to a Court it takes ages to get redressed.
  • I Cannot go to a Government Office as for service again I need money.
  • I Cannot go to my People’s Representative as his priority is not me.

People representatives decide their own remuneration and allowances without any performance linking to that. These are the only group in the world who can decide themselves what they are supposed to get!  Most of my people’s representatives have joined politics to make money robbing whatever possible but not to solve my problems to live peacefully! They rob natural resources; they make money using their offices. They say we require that kind of money to win in next elections.

We have to move towards a transparent world, where there is no need of wikileaks. Till that time we are making mistakes and learning but each mistake robs 5 years from our life.

Where is the solution? The solution lies in fourth estate. It is a challenge in educating illiterate masses towards building true democracy of the people, by the people, for the people.


More by :  Prof. Dr. Raju SSN

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Comment There is truth in what you say, but:
1) Do whatever you can, howsoever small it may be; do the RIGHT thing.
2) Do not accept bribes yourself
3) Maintain courtesy wherever possible
4) Stop to help others, even if it hurts (or especially if it hurts)
5) Total strangers have helped me selflessly in India and abroad
6) If we don't do it, who will?
7) Meditation and prayer helps (actually, it's the ONLY way)
8) Accept your mistakes and apologize directly and publicly.The moment you do so, you are relieved!
9) What goes around, comes around!

Even minor help given by me has resulted in the recipient praising me in embarrassing terms, and then adding , ".. nobody does this these days..."

19-Dec-2010 10:59 AM

Comment Dear Sir

We have a great responsibility as teachers. This is our responsibility to educate the present citizens and future citizens, how we can make democracy very effective.

The great example of functioning democracy the USA from where we can learn. Once elections are over in USA both parties in government and opposition work towards solving peoples problems. It is a wonder some times like TAX bill the president takes opposition help to pass the bill, As in USA democracy the ruling party some times may oppose president. That is true democracy free form parties and focusing on people.

Vote is the weapon to safe guard us. We are not using it properly. We as a teachers should educate relentlessly, put more efforts on failed candidates, who failed to understand Voting Power..

17-Dec-2010 09:34 AM

Comment Sir,
Your article is excellent. It reflects the pathetic life of an average Indian. Thank you very much for showing a mirror to the masses, both literate and illiterate.
- Sankar Prasad

mallareddi sankara prasad
17-Dec-2010 09:10 AM

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