The Disintegrated India

India is fully disintegrated psychologically and in physical sense too. Before making statements on the complete integration of India as a nation, we painfully have to observe how the citizens and rulers segregated themselves as disjoint elements. The Covid-19 has amply exposed the myth of India as one nation.

Most of the chief ministers considering citizens as theirs and others is the peak of disintegration mentally. Politicians, and citizens also are comfortable with various divisions based on various affiliations like caste, community, language, regional culture, language of instruction, sub-nationality, gender are playing havoc with lives of all Indians.

Still unfortunately divisions and affiliations are playing a large part in lives of Indians and are obstructing overall progress and development of all citizens.

Cooperation is missing disastrously among states in normal situations or extraordinary situations like today. The chief ministers are behaving like kings of independent nations. They forget for 5 years that they are elected to take care of citizens' welfare. They don't have decency or sophistication. Their mass appeal is their advantage. Ordinary citizens see only the promises and are fooled once the election is over. Many voters are contented with the money distributed for votes.

The migrant workers' problem brought to the surface the realities of employment and income. Education is not able to provide employment and livelihood. Citizens are reluctant to continue skilled vocations. It is impossible for any nation to provide white collar jobs to all its citizens,; even to a fraction of them.

Skilled and self employed citizens are need of the day.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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