Morality : What It Means to Me!

'Child-Labor', 'Prostitution', 'pre-marital relations' with opposite sex, 'extra marital affairs', indulgence in wrong company are some of the issues which would be considered wrong by the majority. However, to me these labeled wrong notions seem both 'right and wrong.' It just depends upon the perspective one would view it from. For instance, child labor by outsiders, community etc. would be considered inhuman but, then what happens if we remove these children (workers) from the work force? Small, meager income that contributed to family income also stops. Parents and children end up in conflicts. Therefore it would not be wrong if the child wants to contribute to the family irrespective of the age, inhuman, cruel conditions in which he/she is made to work. On the other side child labor clearly supports the phrase 'All work and no play makes Jack / Jill a dull boy /girl.'

'Prostitution' what's wrong in it? At least she earns to support herself, doesn't beg around. So what if she is labeled as a 'prostitute' and then, how does it matter if people throw stones at her verbally and criticize her. After all, her so-called recognition is given by the outside world. What about the men who come to satisfy their lust! Would they be considered bad? No because, majority of such men would be successful in disguising and masking their attitudes, principles and values. In short they'll succeed in fooling the community around, as they would easily merge well with the so-called principled, valued people around.

Personally I feel that no individual has the right to consider the 'essential 'non essential', 'values', 'behavior' and various 'rights 'wrongs.' The reason being that the concept of what is 'right and wrong' is extremely individualized and personal and that unless one is part of the same situation or until asked for no right or wrong should be mentioned. Also, clashes and conflicts do occur in the family particularly between the parent and child. If the child does not agree with what the parent says, she/he should discuss instead of forwarding arguments and should continue to respect the parents if not their rules.

It has always being emphasized upon as company reflects an individual's character therefore, not surprisingly elders, teachers and parents ' from the very beginning emphasize indulgence in good peer group. Personally, I feel that it totally depends upon the individual, her self-control, and her attitude. As I have been with the labeled 'alcohol- addict' and 'chain smoker' not surprisingly was I ever labeled wrong! Probably, because I never did try any of these items instead went a step forward to listen to the personal hues and cries of these branded people.

The entire concepts of women indulgence in alcohol, smoking, joints may be considered as an act which reflects hep/ high in fashion by some, where as, it might be considered as an act which reflects insanity of women by others. The lost respect and abuses, is what she'll invite to herself. In contrast men who indulge in similar acts are not really looked down upon. WHY?

Many of these questions remain unanswered. However, if at all the concept of what is right or wrong has to be opted for, there should be justification for the same and no preferences to the particular sex group.

Also, one should not forget that 'No human is perfect' and that until or unless we commit wrongs, mistakes or break the laws, we would not understand or appreciate the positive part attached to it, and than after that, we would realize that, No Parent, No Teacher, No Supervisor and No Child is totally RIGHT or totally WRONG.  


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