Pakistan - A Lame Locus Less State

Well! It is said that well begun is half done.  By the same but reverse token, as the Germans put it,Unrecht Gut Gedeiht Nicht!

That is a telling  proverb meaning some what so: ill gotten is ill spent.

There was no Pakistan pre 1947. There was this rabid seed born of sectarian thought and parochial politics, themselves no more   than the odd decades old stratagems nurtured in imperial London by elements of whose motives we know little.

Muslim League, the mother that delivered Pakistan, was a reactionary body of ill tempered Muslims who lacked foresight as indeed deep insight into past and a round education on healthy view of life. Mullas and Maulavis are erudite in Islam, sure, but the world is not only Islam. Besides, it is much too big, much too diverse that tolerance and peaceful existence are called for.

Hatred of Hindu born of baseless fear without knowing much about Hinduism was their sharpest motivation. Mohammad Ali Jinnah himself was a maverick Muslim who knew not for once Urdu, relished eating pork, married into Parsees.  In fact he did every thing against the Islam book.

How would then The Muslim League led by him lag any behind.

Indian Muslims are not genuine Muslims anyways.

Arabs are true Muslims. Islam is of the Arab soil. It emerged from Arab reason and Arab exigency. Now Arab spirit is basically a trader spirit. Much the same spirit permeated their new religion, if any worsened by their fanatic drive to turn the rest world momin!  Kafirs had to be perforce civilized, ever the fault and failure of messiahs through the ages.

Any way, Indians, as they came face to face with Islam's Gazis, resisted invasion. Some though relented before the might of Gazi sword. They took to Islam to save their skins. So took Islam its root in India. The converts fleshed up their meager bone with theology and principle, in short Deen, taking the cue from their old religions which by the Hindu pantheon are even a myriad.

It is incredible to think how Indian Muslims took to beef eating! They were such blinded by hatred of Hindus, and their fanaticism to out-Arab Arabs that they violated basic principles of sub-continental life. They should not have done that if only for the sake of respect to Hindu sensibility.

In any case, tropical latitudes do not under any circumstance make it advisable to eat beef, or for that matter any meat particularly especially when the subcontinent offers such rich fares on vegetarian foods. They read their mantras and butcher helpless cows that give humans so much just for their palate pleasures! Shame on these religion's hideous bigots! And then Karma bears fruit!

Even so, despite their formal abhorrence of Hindu way of life, Indian Muslims both pray in mosque and burn incense at the Pirs' tombs. So different are Indian Muslims from Arabs in the practice of Islam!

They even got away with an eigen state, Pakistan.

Yet look at them! What they have been doing with their precious gift. India and Pakistan began on their new courses about the same hour. What is more, at Mahatma Gandhi's behest a weakened and partitioned India even gifted Pakistan with a substantial amount of money.

Today, India is on its way to next 'world power'.  Its scientists eye the moon and the Mars and the stars beyond. Its intellectual scores high points among international elite, its litterattuer accomplishes the likes of Booker, Pulitzer, Nobel Prize, and that by writing in a foreign tongue!

Like a rotten apple ' moth eaten was the unholy child anyway by its first breath ' Pakistan goes from bad to worse. The state's left hand doesn't know what its right hand does! America renders its sovereignty a myth in its west. China makes it dance to its tune around north. In its east, it is ever at needless loggerheads with India.

It desists not from taking panga, and returns each time ass-beaten. It broke apart long ago. It tried its tricks in Kashmir. It even went the whole hog in Kargil. Each time the same story of its whipping and thrashing at the hands of Indians.

Pakistan doesn't realize the significance of composition of population in Indian Punjab, its immediate neighbor to its east.  Pakistanis can not fight Sikhs. In fact, they are no match for the Sikhs. They know it in their heart of hearts. Moreover, the most holy places of this religion lie in Pakistan territories. They have the reason to handle in their pocket, just for the case. Lahore was the capital of a very famous and big Sikh Maharaja. In land's history Lahore's roots go as far back as Ramayana age! Kashmir itself was originally a Hindu territory. Even today, the Kashmir Valley is just a tiny part of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Pakistan can break into many parts any day if Indian politicians were clever even by a fraction of what Pakistanis themselves do in pursuit of their intra-sub-continental play. The state itself is wheels within wheels of vested interests. Military rules the roost. Zamindari continues to scar society. Elected Govt. is but Eid ka Channd, oh! a pretense. Nothing really works- rein va plus!

Isn't that a wonder? Even a conundrum?

But how? Why?

Simple: Unrecht gut gedeiht ja nicht!

The Muslim League played into Imperial hands! It made a fool of itself!

When you sow ill winds, you live to reap whirlwinds! Pakistan is doing just that. It plays double dealings' games. It shores up Taliban, first bringing it into world. To Americans it says we are fighting Taliban. It has little of its writ run in its western territories. It is a hotbed of terrorism. It wants Kashmir which it will never get, not in thousand years, for in next hundred years India will be beyond its reach while it simultaneously wanes from its internal contradictions. Chances are it will have perished in its own mischief's glut. Its nuclear weapons are little use without that essential accomplishment which we call international 'consent' which derives from trust by leading world powers. The Pakistani pioneer of Nukes was a thief who stole nuclear technology in Holland! And one sparrow does not a summer make, friends!

America will not let Iran have Nukes. There are other constituencies which have similar thoughts about Pakistan Nukes. Under all circumstances, Pakistan lacks strategic depth.  A nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan will make of this theocratic monster a rubble while India will still have survived. Their own Allama Iqbal is on record wondering over this wonder of Indian Civilization.

But then Indian Civilization thrives on truth.

Pakistan is just a small fry, light years away from christening itself a civilization in its own right! Naturally, that day will never dawn!

The South Arabians do it the best. They treat Pakistanis like dirt and dogs!

Islam doesn't explain that riddle.

Pakistan itself does.

It is a state founded on sectarian human thought, born in hatred, furthered on feeds of more hatred, needless hatred that harms its own tissue and organ.

Current happenstances is shadows enough of the coming events.

I will conclude by having my little fun at the cost of Pakistan. Actually it is a kind of admonition to Pakistanis, for I still consider them as our brethren, however misguided, for, after all, we are of the same blood. Islam can not change genomes, can it?

So, Pakistan! Better be sensible. Make your peace with India and contribute to subcontinent's prosperity for the good of all. Indians are always known for their traditional magnanimity. You spurned the Hindu, a human being with millenniums of experience in living's art for peanuts of Islam which began its journey in 7th century AD.

What a bad deal!

However, such as time is morphing, there is no guarantee that future Indian generations will bear with your atrocious sabotage of good sense if the today's are at their patience's end.

The day India comes to be ruled by new Hi-Fi generation, citizens washed clean of their colonial culture gores, grown to humanity's newer tasks, moreover carriers of world power which is inevitable, sooner than later, that day will sound the death knell of you, Pakistan! You know, don't you? How East Germany just vanished!

America itself will have waned by then. One already sees much of how it goes by examples of Iraq and Afghanistan. British machination will no more have voice, whatever little left will not count. Western philosophy of life will have exhausted itself. It already has ' look at their tumbling markets and hopeless economism. It hasn't produced the 'brave new world', nor yet the 'brave new man'. China will pollute itself to death and damn itself with dictatorship! The Soviet Union did!

Traditional East will again provide many an answer to humanity's new challenges then.

So, so, Pakistan! A lame locus less state!

A spanner in subcontinent's works!


And truly, Unrecht gut gedeiht ja nicht!


More by :  Dr. Satish Shukla

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