Peacefully Violent - 2

The concept of noble violence can even go up to the level of revolutions in the case of grave injustice, discrimination and criminal acts by elected rulers. And if the injustice is crossing the borders, the noble violence of the affected can result in all out wars to preserve justice. Gita gives us a long rope to correct injustice but many of us use the rope for committing suicide shows the lack of its understanding in modern Mahabharata.

Revolution & Socialism

The left in India is famous for its monopolistic attitude about socialism and revolution. The highly biased Indian media gives a red paint for any fight for the poor and downtrodden. There is no way that the right forces are given credit for any noble act for the sake of poor. Though many of their leaders are rich (and religious) beyond imagination, the left never gives an opportunity for anyone to hijack their symbols of poverty, revolution, secularism and socialism. Many of their followers are blissfully unaware of the true principles of communism and are lost in a mass mesmerism. They refuse to admit the simple fact that the concepts of secularism, socialism and revolution were prevalent in India many generations before Karl Marx was born.

Modern India is becoming a favourable breeding ground for the left because of the lack of vision of our leaders in discontinuing the learning of Sanskrit and Gita. How many Indian leaders know that the concept of true socialism is reflected in the text of Gita at least a dozen times? And how many of them appreciate the revolutionary background of Gita's message delivered in the midst of a mega battle?

It is here that imaginative steps are required from patriotic Indians on the right side of political divide to expose the machinations of the 'coloured' elite who have hijacked the minds of the young. Children of India have every right to learn and understand about everything Indian before they decide on emigration or immigration. By the present system of education we are merely creating citizens who are taught that their immediate predecessors were slaves of the British and forefathers were aborigines. While a section of our children get to know their values in madrassas and Sunday schools, a vast majority grow up knowing nothing about their real assets and culture. The necessity of being peacefully violent is the essence of Gita that should be taught to our children if India is to stand up among world nations once again. 

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