My Complaint About Nintendo

It has come to my attention that Nintendo sends free products to certain people who review them on Youtube. I think this is unfair to every Nintendo fan/customer.

Those Youtube reviewers are being paid good money to post their reviews. They can easily afford to buy the products, and they should have to pay for them just like everybody else.

I don't know if Microsoft and Sony are doing the same thing. I hope not. But I recently bought a game console. I was trying to decide whether to get an XBOX One or a Switch. I decided to buy an XBOX One and this complaint was one of the reasons why I chose the XBOX.

I think that Nintendo should stop giving away free products and or games to reviewers who can easily afford them. Yes, it's true that the reviews are good advertising for Nintendo. But it's not fair to Nintendo's fans/customers who have to spend their hard earned money for the products and games. 


More by :  Randy Johnson

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