The Insincerity in Fighting

Terrorism and Fundamentalism

I find many Indian journalists, bureaucrats, intellectuals, secular political leaders, other rationalists, atheists, social reformers etc., like gang is very keen to infuse rationalism, reasoning to eradicate superstition, fundamentalism and other related ills in the "Hindu" society and reform it to their "liking". They are starting trusts, conducting seminars and are taking like many initiatives.

May be other religious denominations in India are free from such "deficiencies". They are rationalistic, sans superstitions, and are not fundamentalist. Or it is only the "Hindu" society that is tolerant of such foolish attempts. Other religions may eliminate physically who try to do these things to such religious zealots. the recent terrorist attack on a French magazine might be lingering in their minds. After all life is dearer than preaching and attempting to reform dangerous followers of others faiths.

The world is incapable of tackling terrorists, fundamentalists and religious fanatics. There is no objective and stats-man like international leadership. The leading international starlwars are busy in safe-guarding their citizens from terroist attacks and are not sincere in trying to eradicate the menace of fundamentalism and terrorism throughout the world. they have specific targets. Other countries' suffering doesnot attract their attention. They simply ignore such realities and give their own certificates for rougue countries which incite terrorist activities in their neighbouring countrires.

And al lthese leading western countries too fall into this category of supporting the terrorism as they themselves have created terrorist groups, funded them and took care of them and many terrorist and fundamentalist organizations have been products and friends of the western countries patronized by them at one time or other in history and now (- the Taliban, ISIS etc). Western countries have myopic view of civilization, terror and human rights. They so civilized and advanced that they spend billions of dollars and make their citizens lose lives to fight the evil they themselves created some time back to suit their foreign policy.

I wondered why Australia is giving a travel advice to its citizens not to visit India in view of suspected terror attacks. May be Australian intelligence failed in the case of the the terrorist attacks in France.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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