Flagging Corruption

Is there a right in this country  for a pressure group to exist on both the opposition and the government in a concurrent way? Why do we need to focus so much on corruption? Why a school going toddler needs to know who is Anna Hazare and the effects of corruption on our country.  

I personally believe that fasting is not the only mode to emasculate corruption, Anna Hazare fired the imagination of almost every Indian and brought corruption on the table, he qualified corruption as a scourge which India must get rid of, and what has the Indian government done?

Now lets understand a couple of things - Cabinet ministers have been locked up, the Supreme court has been more than adequately strict and I am delighted that we have the chief justice that we do, now when you fire the imagination of people, it is your responsibility to tamper that imagination with sagacity and bring it to conclusion that conclusion will unfortunately not happen at Jantar Mantar or the Ram Lila maidaan, reagrdless whether the Delhi Police gives permission for it. The laws will be framed in Parliament unless we change the structure of constitutional India, Anna jee recognises that.

My point is that by continuously going on protests, what you are doing is you are trying to say:  "to hell with what you decide in the Parliament , I'll decide what needs to be done", which is not rational at all. Laws are not made by street vision, laws are made by law makers who are elected by people more than just a civil society. This issue is just flagged up, and certainly it will provoke undue resentment which never needed to exist.

Mr. Hazare might be against the fractured bill drafted in actual breach of trust by the UPA government but the movements which have been initiated they have set ablaze almost every age group, and have manifested unwanted voices. Why is the common man involved in this gimmick of politics and corruption, the common man is not facing the corruption of A.Raja, he faces the corruption at really small level like the general merchant shop, the railway counters or may be the municipality. We have laws to deal with it which are not being implemented. I guess in this bill the issues of common man is not the centre of attraction, which is wrong!

The bigger question is not that common man is standing up for the reconstruction of laws, it is infact - Why aren't we focusing on all the laws which have been made by the industries in this country. Now Walmart had spent 70 crore and the government is ready with FDI in retail, that's a kind of educational fund and nobody dares to question It. In Agriculture sector most of the laws are made by the industries; is there a body which has questioned this ever? Why it is stuck at only one level, why not the tehseeldaar, the Panchayati Raj system, The thanedaar are questioned and made public.

Will a protest help build and change laws in the country everytime? 

Now the argument is -  there have been numerous protests which have catalysed legislative changes, but is it feasible  in a country like India everytime? I seriously don't know who will win but what has corruption to lose? I heard in a live interview where a corruption and grief stricken man said "tell your panelists that i have bought a home, but could not get it registered since last one year because of damn corruption". Kalmadi regained his memory, Yedurappa is fighting back, the BJP looks completely helpless and Anna hazare threatning a comeback is as of now being denied permission to hold the fast......

Is corruption a relevant issue in this country or not? I leave it to all of us - we all are common man :)


More by :  Divya Joshi

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Comment i really satisfied with your lines but what the common man can do to eradicate corruption from this country BECAUSE common man itself has ellected these people to do this..............

gaurav sharma
09-May-2012 02:06 AM

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