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US-bashing is the favorite pastime of almost half the world population now. Irrespective of their nationality, there are no exceptions among Mullahs and Moulavis as to their opinion about who is responsible for the evils of this world. It is undoubtedly USA and George Bush. Leftists have always insisted on their inherited conviction that USA represents capitalism and hence the most evil nation in the world. Then we have the increasing varied collection of moralists and activists of innumerous shades who are dead against USA, each for their own reasons and most such reasons contradicting between themselves.

It is easy to understand the growing dislike for George Bush but very difficult to comprehend the reasons for hating a country like United States of America. True that their military strategy on war-on-terror and Middle East policy have gone pathetically wrong, but is there nothing good about America?

It is quite enlightening when we try to study the kind of people who enjoy hating USA for their own reasons and sometimes for reasons they are unaware. Ask any Islamic activist about where his close relative went or would go for a brain surgery? Ask any hardcore Leftist about where his bright son or daughter is studying or would like to study? Ask any US-bashing intellectual about where he would like his brightest theories to be presented? And ask any confirmed US-basher about from where he collected the materials for making a case against America. The most probable answer to all these questions is USA. Our next question would be on the obvious contradiction ' of desiring a country about which you are spitting venom? None of these US-bashers would have an answer. Most of them are making the simple mistake of identifying a nation with a leader. USA is definitely not the worst country in the world today. It is in fact one of the best and brightest. It is still the best bet for the entire world to prevent World War III. Let us see some of the undeniable 'good's about America.

Paradise for Merit

In the world today, there can be no contest about the most encouraging environment for the meritorious. USA presents the best option for those with merit in any field. Be it science or technology or social sciences the best facilities and peer group are available in USA. It has not developed in a short span but has taken decades of accumulative efforts in attracting talent and nurturing them. Freedom for unhindered thought, resources for unlimited research and generous recognition for achievements are some of the key factors that have taken USA to where it is now. India had very similar setup during the Vedic period and we are aware of what it can achieve. In any society where merit is recognized the overall achievement of the whole will be disproportionately higher. What Indians knew well Americans put into practice and that has taken USA to the very top. The only comfort for India is the good number of Indians that have taken part in this journey. 

Equal Opportunity for Unequals

The concept of Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) is one of the best contributions of USA to the corporate world. It is a reflection of the sense of fairness and justice that prevails in American society that evolved the concept of EOE in a society of unequals. In sharp contrast, India is still struggling and getting more entangled in the reservation knots for addressing the same issue. We proudly categorize our reservation system as one of positive discrimination but in effect it is ending up as negative and degenerative. India has already earned the dubious distinction of the only country in the world where communities agitate to be counted as backward. Providing educational incentives to those who deserve it, followed by equal employment opportunity is the only plausible method for bringing about fairness and social justice. The sooner we realize and accept this axiom for social justice the better for our country too.

Firm Action for Results 

Firm and resolute action befitting a world leader (often criticized as world policeman) is yet another goodness of USA. While many other oldies participate very vocally in passing resolutions at UN Security Council, USA is the only country that proceeds to implement the same with equal firmness. Unlike lip service, any action on the ground requires guts, involves expenditure and determination to act. All other big players like UK, Russia, France, China, Japan and even India have been found wanting when it comes to action. Each of them will have their own reason not to participate in any world action. But for the karmic intervention of USA many of the occasional rogue states and leaders would have made a mess of this world by now. We definitely need a world policeman and the best option that fulfils everyone's interest is a democratic USA.

India missed a unique opportunity immediately after its liberation from British by not aligning with the United States of America wholeheartedly. USA and India of 40s' were perfect natural partners in so many aspects. Both had democratic principles encrypted in the DNA of majority of their citizens. The noble intentions of creating a truly secular nation amidst multi-religious population provided India the vital need for such an alignment. Yet the short-sighted and ambitious romantic in Nehru drag India into a non-aligned 'eunuch'ism. Our enemies gained from our mistake and our so-called big brother USSR which was built on an unnatural ism met its natural end prematurely. The rest is history. USA and India are so very different now. Yet we still have the common faith in democracy and have formidable common enemies. We should definitely be looking for co-operation wherever our national interests looks identical.


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