Threats to World Stability

Threats to world stability, peace, prosperity and progress are due to Nuclear Proliferation, stock piling of weapons of mass destruction, improper security arrangements or improper building construction of Nuclear Power Stations for the production of electric power, further, air, water and sound pollutions due to increased industries, factories and vehicles emitting greenhouse gases and also provocation and perpetration of religious terrorism. Further, deforestation for the expansion of the industrially developed town exploiting natural resources for energy, raw materials and food has created the situation for long droughts, sudden floods, unseasonal rains, destabilization of ecological system and changes in Nature.  

Scientific and technological developments in the modern world in the name of civilization have deteriorated cultural values, degrading artistic values and works of mankind and the existence of human world would not be possible. So, all kinds of materialistic developments, modernization and enhancement of standard in all walks of life are necessary but not at the expense of human values and human culture in the world. Hence, technological surprises, political ambition and religious fanaticism should not make man mad but help him promote international brotherhood, love and peace for everyone to enjoy joy and pleasure in the beautiful and beneficial creations of the world better than before but not worse than as at present.

Danger of Nuclear Weapons

The dangers of Nuclear Weapons capable of mass destruction in some nations are threatening the peace and stability of the world forever. So, peace talks, normalization of relations among nations, disarmaments and promotion of world unity are the compulsion of the time so that another world war can be avoided and unimaginable destruction to the world much more bigger than the devastations caused by the wars of the world so far can be wisely stopped in time for the well being of the world. After the cold war it seems the Super Powers have stopped stock pilling of Nuclear Weapons. But after them, the second line nations that are technologically developed or developing such as China, India, Israel, North Korea and Pakistan have entered into arms race for their own individual reasons.

So, America came forward to stop the arms race by making such nations sign the treaties such as Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty and Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. As these treaties look to be discriminatory in nature, India refused to sign them. Therefore to overcome the danger of Nuclear Weapons, the only way left is the Nuclear Power nations should be persuaded by the UNO and the international community to destroy weapons of mass destruction by themselves or dismantle the nuclear weapons and use the nuclear fuels for useful purposes like the development of nuclear power plant for the generation of electricity utilizing nuclear chemicals from the weapons and so on.


There is no boundary for terrorism in the world. That too Islamic terrorism goes cutting across the globe. This type of international terrorism is the real threat to peace and security of the civilized nations of the world needing to be curbed by the joint efforts of all the nations. Including the communist countries, the world nations are giving top priority to the elimination of international terrorism, which has become much more dangerous than communist infiltration in the world.

In the course of the medieval period, when Islam was spreading in North Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, Southern Europe and South Asia, Arab traders and rulers adopted Jihad or holy war for eight months in every year against other religious people, confiscated their properties, distributed them among poor Muslim people and converted them to Islam religion by force. But now that type of medieval religion, which was supposed to have developed to Sufism in spite of sectarian feudal fights between Sunnis and Shias, has been hijacked by terrorism, degrading divine spirit as well as human spirit to animal spirit, cannot stand before the noble wrath of modern civilization and the world religions as well, which have developed to mysticism or devotional stage up lifting human spirit to divine spirit.

After the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center of USA, the unanimous decision to weed out terrorists and their supporters giving asylum for hideouts with monetary aids, is being implemented and still more vigorous and hot pursuits would continue to put a permanent end to international terrorism though it manifests itself in any form and name in the world. In this respect Russia has done a wonderful job so far and stands as an example to others.

Next, China is positively cautious to deal with this problem in cooperation with other nations of the world. But Pakistan, calling itself to be one of the members of the international coalition against terrorism, is supporting cross border terrorism and terrorist infiltration in Kashmir under the pretext that terrorism in Kashmir is freedom struggle, though Kashmir is the integral part of and cannot be extricated from India after 60 years of independence.

India, which is successfully facing terrorism for the past 20 years has at last made the international community realize the intensity and formidable nature of terrorist menaces perpetrated in Kashmir under the aegis of Pakistan, whose intention of wresting it from India has never been successful. So, without the international pressure over the adamant, hostile and unstable nations, international terrorism cannot be rooted out once and for all. Hence, unanimous hot pursuits have to be carried out against terrorist nations so that peace and prosperity may get another chance for their survival in order to make this world a better place to live and as one human world at least in the future.

Protection of Nuclear Power Stations

In the present unpredictable situation, it has become a big problem to protect Nuclear Power Stations in many nations of the world as most of the nations are opting for nuclear energy to produce electric power needed for domestic and industrial purposes. So, the probable threats to the safety of nuclear power plants lie in the materials used in the construction of the buildings, the danger signaling devices in the machines or the inbuilt auto precautionary measures adapting system in the plant and the 24 hour security guards for the protection of the plant in and around the compound, if any damage is caused anywhere in the plant by the sabotage activities of the terrorists, blast or leakage of nuclear materials, and would lead to radiation hazards to the surrounding areas causing diseases and deaths to lives of all forms by pollution in the atmosphere due to nuclear radiation. Therefore the best course of action to overcome this dangerous situation would be to change over to other sources of energy available in Nature such as solar power, wind power and water power for the generation of electricity used in the appliances of everyday use in various projects and for the consumption of domestic and commercial purposes.

Pollution Problem

Pollution, which is day-to-day problem, if unchecked, uncontrolled and unsolved by the efforts of all the nations, will be a big threat to the very existence of the Earth one day. Air pollution, water pollution, land pollution and sound pollution are the problems faced by almost all countries in the world today. Because of pollution of all forms global warming, droughts, floods, cyclones and all changes in nature have become common things through out the globe. In spite of all these unavoidable incidences or natural calamities, polluting activities are unabatedly carried out by industrially developed nations. To solve the global pollution problem, Kyoto protocol was drafted after having detailed discussions by the countries of the European Union; but it was ignored by USA due to the fact that the implementation of the protocol would be economically a big loss to it. Likewise even today many nations cannot make commitments by signing the protocol due to the same reason i.e. economic loss to them.

Due to these reasons there is nothing that can stop the greenhouse gases or carbon gases emitted by technologically developed project works and transportation of various vehicles creating holes in the atmosphere that are very easily allowing sun's ultraviolet rays affecting human beings with skin diseases, eye diseases, etc. Also, as the untreated toxic or chemical effluents coming out of the industries are mixing with the rivers, lakes and seas, many biological species are extinct and the tragedy to rare species are still continuing unchecked in various parts of the world. Further, due to sound pollution caused by the noise of the vehicles and horns and uncleanness due to accumulation of rubbish in many cities of the developing countries, people are ever suffering from some kind of diseases and health problems, a common thing everywhere. So, unless pollution problem is solved by the joint cooperation of all the nations time will come, when nobody can even breathe clean air in the world!  


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