Disturbing Trend; Opinions and Entitlement;

The Untamed Living

Disturbing Trend - India has a disturbing and dangerous history of Indian kings inviting foreign rulers to defeat their Indian rival kings whom they are unable to defeat or equal; and supporting the foreign invader to "destroy" their "enemy" Indian king. May be Pakistan foreign affairs advisor is well-versed with this historical tradition. So only he is trying to cultivate Indians who are opposed to the extreme policies of Indian executives. And he may be able to "recruit" such Indians who are hissing hatred on Indian executive. Let us see what happens!


Opinions - The Entitlement Every one is entitled to have one's own opinions on each and every thing. And has freedom also to express them, of course in a cultured and civilised language. But insisting that every one must agree to and follow his or her opinions is either naivety or foolishness. And being in power and forcing every one to agree to and forcing others to follow and implement those opinions is dictatorship. Opinions differ, opinion-holders and opinion-makers too are different and varied. Imposing opinions or expecting one's own opinion to be implemented is trait of petty hearted. In India many intellectuals have this trait. They find fault with everything Brahmanism and give opinions non-caring for efficacy, etiquette or knowledge, scholarship wisdom, commonsense.


The Untamed living - Untamed living- and non-living beings are wild; including human-beings. Education is human-beings' tamer. But such education is not able to serve its purpose. The reason is untamed wild individuals are controlling education in India. Education, instead of taming the wild is being tamed by the Wild. Wilderness is the creation of the wild, uneducated, uncultured, uncivilised and non-human-beings.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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