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How can each Individual make the difference and empower India

In the history of Ancient India, life was explored and experienced in a big way. The social situations changed and society was degraded with moralistic people and the culture has lost the experience of life and has fallen in to a belief system.

Today we look back at India and feel utmost thrashed at the state of living of most of the civilians. The situation is pathetic.  

The population is multiplying in bounds and we have not taken any actions to curb the population growth. We have 50% of the India population who does not even get two meals a day. Government should enforce a policy by making a provision in the constitution on curbing population growth. We need to do something about the population expansion and curb the population growth by working with Government, NGO, Social Organization and Rotaries. All State should take the step to curb population expansion.

Education is most important and all rural and low economical communities should be provided free education and schools should be established and volunteers should assist in teaching. India has so many Homemakers who idle at home. The Homemakers should volunteer themselves atleast part time. Corporate organizations with their established foundations should organize, manage and monitor the distribution of funds to government schools to prevent misuse of funds.

Government should awaken themselves and change the classification of Schedule Caste and Backward Class to Low Income groups and provide them with free education and give them a possibility of coming up in their life. There should be social functions (Human Symphony) arranged where all communities and religion meet and become one and there should be a hug ceremony where individuals irrespective of caste, sex, religion should hug each other. We are all born as Humans and why is there a need for discrimination and a separate identity.

As there is a need for Temples, Mosques and Church for Prayers there is a desperate need for Toilets in all public places in cities, towns and villages. State Government needs to make the provision of Toilets at all public places.

Religious conversion should be stopped and there can be only transformation of one self and conversion only leads to regression from life and living in ignorance trying to believe something rather than experiencing life as life and in fullness.

Child Labor and Child Prostitution should be stopped and made a punishable offence. Government, NGO, Social Organization, Rotaries and Law should protect children from abuse.

Enforce Environment Management System and Resource Conservation Program in the Indian Constitution and save Planet Earth from disaster. Help and work with the Government, NGO, Social Organization, Rotaries and Law to protect our planet Earth from complete irreversible disaster. Every individual should work on Energy Conservation, Water Conservation, Waste Management, Safety and Environmental Legal compliance. Rain Water Harvesting should be encouraged. 


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