Adulations for Corrupt Politicians

In India dearth of statesmen/stateswomen is glaring.

Where there are no trees a mustard plant is admired as tree.

Also corruption by politicians, and other economic and social offences and offenders are not at all considered as offenders against the society and nation. People are carried away by the charisma of the popular politician who never contributed to the reconstruction of the society but only distributed freebies to the voters mis-spending the tax-payers' money and is adulated and admired for such loot.

It all started from adulating Mr. Nehru, continued through his family members and all regional political stalwarts and their kith and kin.

Corrupt politicians must be condemned and not elected again, whatever freebies they offer, if one wants the true and real welfare of the nation.

Worst of all such politicians are falsely admired as great leaders; this should not happen. But emotional adherence to politician's charisma is blinding voters and citizens to the corrupt practices followed by individual politician; and jail terms they spent convicted for their economical and administrative irregularities. This is really a sad state of affairs present in Indian democracy.

Objective observers will take all adulations for small scale narrow-minded politicians with a pinch of salt and wonder how fight against black money or political corruption will be successful when citizens are indifferent to or are oblivious of malpractices of popular politicians and are enamoured of the politician.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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