Is Equality Really Possible

The feasibility of equality cannot be perfectly achieved in any democratic society. All are equal before law of God. Liberty, equality, fraternity, justice, freedom to think, express, practice of religion, language and participation in political party meetings, parliamentary meetings and business organizations are allowed in any democratic nation in the world. But economic inequality and social inequality are still there because they depend upon the qualification, talent, knowledge, interest, desire and vision of the individuals. Above all, the inequality between genders is naturally present everywhere though it is not given importance in the advanced countries. However, equal opportunities for all are given for education and job in any democratic country. Whether developed or developing, big or small, rich or poor, all nations that have members in the UNO are given equal respect and honor to maintain world order and unity.

Variety and Diversity

Naturally all living beings are part of this earth whether they are fauna and flora or human beings. Each one is created for a special purpose, which is one’s natural order as duty to fulfill during the span of one’s life. By instinct all species do their duties of natural order except man, who depends upon his mind to do anything. Nature is a lover of variety. So, there is variety and diversity in all species. The hidden potentialities of human beings are a wonder of nature. Inspired by love and guided by knowledge man does wonders in the world. Physical ability, mental capacity and spiritual capability differ from person to person. Apparently though looking to be the same but actually each person is unique in thoughts, words and deeds because of one’s precious mind. So, achievement of equality, politically or otherwise among men would only curtail the expression of one’s unique personality by which one stands high or low in some field or other for which one is created by natural destiny to fulfill in one’s lifetime in the world. That is why it is said that what is not possible by ordinary men is possible by talented men, what is not possible by talented men is possible by geniuses and what is not possible by geniuses is possible only by God.

Exploitation and Potentiality

Man is the only being uniquely capable of rising high to any level as sky is the limit for him. So, instead of trying to achieve equality, everyone should be democratically allowed to express one’s personality as coordinative contribution of one’s best for the upliftment of human society in the world. That is the way humankind can develop, progress and achieve better things than before in the world following the foot steps of the inventors and creators of the past to continue the works started by them ensuring peace, security and stability of the civilized world in order to maintain faith, confidence and resourcefulness in everyone. Therefore it is clear as seen from the history of many nations that meaningless philosophical ideologies and empty slogans of politicians would only mislead the people ending in disappointment, disillusionment and despair. Hence it is worth while to look inward to know about one’s potentiality and exploit it to the best one can to soar high to dizzy heights to enjoy unique pleasure and satisfaction experienced by great personalities.

Inspirations and Distractions

Not only great personalities but also Art, Literature and Nature inspire one to exploit one’s capability in the field one is interested so that one can significantly contribute beneficial things for the betterment of the society. Pictures drawn by Picasso, artistic painting works by Michelangelo, music composed by Mozart, Beethoven, Dr. Balamuralikrishna and the songs of M.S. Subbulakshmi, divine statues of many Indian Temples, great world literary works written by Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Wordsworth, Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, Thoreau, Leo Tolstoy, Sri Aurobino and Tagore have many things to say about human heart, mind and soul and have inspired many men turn a new leaf in life. Times have changed. Many don’t bother about them. Many are interested only in politics, cinema or pop songs today. Of them political thinking is absorbing the life of many in all walks of life. Carried away by political ideologies and useless slogans many indulge in competition and violence to get quick benefits. To eliminate ignorance, encourage the poor people and make them come up economically and socially in the society and solve the problems of communal disharmony, caste, class and secessionism, the policies of equality, socialism and secularism are introduced in democracy. But the rogues, rowdies, extremists, terrorists and antisocial elements disrupt religious harmony and peace of the society making use of those social policies in a wrong way supported by violent politicians due to competition and rivalry among themselves.

Abuse of Noble Intentions

Noble intentions for the well being of the world are misused and abused by evil forces and antisocial elements endangering social harmony of human beings. So rights and liberties in the hands of rowdies and hooligans are destroying peace, security and harmony of human society. Communism or socialism has demoralized the society, disgraced human value and degraded quality for quantity leading to chaos in many erstwhile States of totalitarian regimes. Swayed by such policies even democratic States lost morality in the social life of their people and quality in the activities of nationalized enterprises there. So, the protectionism of the developed countries in the world discourages and obstructs the developmental activities of the developing countries for a long time. When everything is going on in this type of eccentricity, how can equality be achieved anywhere in the world?

Inequality among World Nations

United Nations Organization is neutral international body. Even in the UNO equality is not sincerely followed as far as the Veto Power of the five permanent member countries, America, Russia, Britain, France and China is concerned as an important decision on any international matter acceptable by majority of the members can be vetoed by any one permanent member. This practice is being followed in this world body since its inception after the World War II without any change or modification in the use of the Veto Power making ineffective or powerless the working capacity of UNO. So, the domination of the powerful nations over others is quite conspicuous and equality cannot be practicable even there. When this is so, how can cooperation and coordination among nations be possible to solve any vital international problem affecting humanity as a whole? This is a vital question requiring to be addressed by all in the UNO and a solution has to be immediately arrived at to make this world body worthy of its existence and function in order to maintain peace, security and developments of the human world really possible by revamping and re-powering it to be really effective. 

Power Competition

Today international terrorism is being perpetrated by the world wide fanatic leaders of Islamic fundamentalism, which is against the progress and developments of the modern world and has to be permanently stopped by the multilateral efforts of the civilized nations of the world. In the Almaty Meeting of G8 held in Canada and in the Earth Summit Conference held in Johannesburg, problems like World Terrorism, Nuclear Proliferation, environmental pollution, poverty, ignorance, disease, Governance in the African Countries and socio-economic developments in the under developed countries are discussed and decided to be solved by the cooperation of the international community. Of these, World Terrorism has been taken up first to decisively deal with before anything else. In this regard already there is unanimous approval by all nations for the fight against terrorism in the world. 

Since terrorism has no boundaries, it can be dealt with multilaterally by equal participation of nations with advanced military capabilities and worldwide intelligence net works, and that is the easy way and practically possible to solve this problem. But since the USA does not believe in the capabilities of other nations for this global venture, unilaterally it wants to put a permanent end to terrorism, which is perpetrated by terrorist organizations in various nations supported, funded and harbored by them and the rogue nations such as Iran, Iraq, (Libya) and North Korea according to its assessment of the world situation, capable of making Nuclear Weapons or having Weapons of Mass Destruction in stock, at a quicker pace in order to protect its interests of developmental activities as usual in isolation so that its unchallenged superiority over others can once again be established in the world. Power competition for superiority can be possible only among war mongering nations which won’t allow the participation by unequal partners in this club. Amidst this power competition how can cooperation and coordination equally among all the nations be possible? So, change in the attitude and intention of the developed nations only can possibly solve this problem. 

Unity in Diversity

As a result, it is clearly evident that equality is not feasible in the world. But unity in diversity can be promoted and achieved among individuals and nations by cooperation and coordination for developments in various fields based on friendship in pursuance of globalization of economy, culture and ideas and by peaceful coexistence so that world order and unity can be gradually developed in the due course of time. For this, the developed nations should come forward after putting an end to terrorism in every nation of the world to solve the world problems recently listed in the Earth Summit Conference Agenda in Johannesburg. In pursuance of this world program, the process has been started in the establishment of a democratic government in Afghanistan, following which rehabilitation of the people has to be done there. Further, establishment of good governance, alleviation of poverty, elimination of epidemic diseases and provision of pure drinking water and sanitation in the African countries are in the world list. Also, democratization of erstwhile States of the Soviet Union, East European countries and socio-economic development of the people in Central Asia, East Europe, Africa and South East Asia have to be followed up as was discussed and decided by the advanced countries like Canada, America, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Russia and Japan in the G8 Summit Meeting held in Canada. If this world trend is sincerely pursued as per the stipulated program, if not equality at least unity in diversity can be achieved in the future.              


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