The Desperate Souls and Suicides

I read a writeup by Shobha De on the movie ‘What Kota ‘12th Fail’ tells us about pressures on students.’ She had also mentioned that there were about 27 students who killed themselves followed by 3 more within a week of two months this year. The main reason was that they couldn’t clear the UPSC exams. The pressure mounting on them whether it is through family or society is just unclear; maybe both.

A similar situation prevails in Tamil Nadu especially when the students who couldn’t clear NEET exams killed themselves. 

These news items always make me wonder. 

So, the present generation of youngsters, if not all, a part of them prefer to kill themselves if they can’t get what they aspire for. Why this country alone this attitude is prevalent and instantly the political parties make a hue and cry and try to cash on the emotions of the public?

During my college days, most of the boys wanted to become engineers, and a few doctors. IIT entrance exam used to be quite tough and cracking them and getting into IIT wasn’t easy. But, we never had so many suicides because many couldn’t become IIT graduates or doctors. Today the career avenues are many. Some seem to earn lakhs and crores doing some jobs which I couldn’t even think of. 

Are UPSC and MBBS the courses an intelligent individual can shine? So, these guys and girls who commit suicide are grossly ignorant about other professions that are as or even better than these?

To me, these suicides are basically out of anger, desperation, cowardice, and immaturity. The sole responsibility of such acts lies on the parents and the society and above all due to the ever-increasing Indian population.

To be honest, I have no sympathy for them.  


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