The panicked BJP!

The BJP has unnecessarily panicked and made Delhi elections very important and prestigious. And by importing Ms. Kiran Bedi have acknowledged that in the Delhi BJP unit there is not even a single person worthy to face and take on Mr. Kejriwal. The BJP has come to power by criticizing Congress' corruption, inefficiency and deficiencies. Thus it will be natural it has also to take care its and its leaders' inefficiencies and deficiencies. The voters are wondering how the corrupt politicians are found to be fit to be taken into central cabinet and given charge of money-making portfolios. And why black money given to political parties as donations is not considered as black money. The political parties may think it is not a matter to bother about. But the citizens are also wondering why all principal political parties are not declaring the fund-raising and fund-donations and make the names and amounts donated public.

The central ministers must be as clean as Mr. Modi and patriotic as Mr. Modi. Just one Modi cannot reform India. All citizens must help him by being sincere and patriotic; including his cabinet colleagues and party leaders including allies like Telugu Desam and others. Citizens are in no mood to suffer corruption and black-money raising by congress or BJP or any national or regional party. Mr. MOdi and Amit Shah must make note of this. They must first cleanse their cabinet and party and black-money generated in India by their corporate and business friends too. India should ;be made free from misrule and corruption from all political parties, bureaucrats, corporates and government employees, especially in relation to revenue, transport, check-posts, and all government departments

BJP must wokd towards this goal sincerely. Else AAP will displace it in next elections.
Mere slogans and worthless election manifestos won't be of any help anymore.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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