We write because we have an urge to write. It is in our nature to be sensitive and have to write sensibly.

Writing to educate and transform fellow beings is a noble motto and intention, but one should not get disappointed or get angry if most don't care for that write-up and some more criticize it based on their perspective and limited exposure and intellect and biased thinking.

The world is full of diverse and acrimonious feelings and opinions. And we have freedom of speech, which is more wrongly used than used with responsibility and sensitivity to fellow beings.

Writing is more respected and received when it is objective with right mix of subjective experience and opinion. Writers are conscious keepers of the society.

They have to both entertain and enlighten. For that the writer is also to be an enlightened Individual. Enlightenment is possible when understanding and insight are the possessions of the writer. Deep study and understanding of works of eminent writers will train and shape the writer. But who is the guiding author seems to vary and also bring differences among writers. This is because of availability of plenty of divisive, diverse and violent ideologies.

But every writer choses his path to write and society lauds it or otherwise depending on the critics who are influenced by various ideologies.

Writer can't satisfy every reader as writer's commitment and likes will be specific and in a way limited to his caliber.

Thus we have so many diverse groups of writers and critics. But the writer creates according to his insight and delight.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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Comment Yes, writing is an art so to say! Without scrutinizing for exact information, a writer cannot put down what one exactly feels, thinks and predicts based on one's experience world affairs!

T A Ramesh
03-Apr-2021 13:18 PM

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