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A revolution is the seed to change, fruit of helplessness and in the need of freedom. Freedom to be yourself, freedom to think, freedom to be maverick.

Every writing is with an objective and so is this piece but it is as small as or as big as survival, surviving being yourself ' away from influences, away from sermons, away from traditions, customs, and taboos. Just surviving being yourself.

Since the beginnings of the civilizations humans have been imitating their past or should I say that our present is just a mere improvement of our past. Very few tried to explore the world different from the existing one and those who found just never exposed that light of knowledge to others, perhaps of some fear. A fear that probably runs in most of us, fear of being different, away from the rest of the world. One of the reasons of this fear is a brutal fact that different has never been easily accepted by our society. Change in pillar of any theory shakes the entire structure of this so-called living society.

Resistance to change is as constant as change itself perhaps because it wakes you from your mundane for which you were impromptu, which had no congruity with your life, which astir you and therefore you are recalcitrant to it.

This whole theory is based on supposition its foundation is based on probability and therefore it has fragile structure, which is often destroyed or murdered by those who are reluctant to change or betterment.

This society is united, followed by one set of norms, values. It boasts of being the pool of thousands of years of knowledge, skill, culture, and if you are intrepid to be rebellion you are no longer a healthy part of this dead society. I just fail to understand which phase of mankind has moved towards perfection ' the stone age or the present age or the age where modernization is taking us which seems to end in the era of the man in leaves again. So we would end from where we had begun!  Where that pool of rich heritage has gone? Or we just hallucinated it.

If you agree to be the part of this mirage and if you agree to be lethal to yourself you might touch the heights of success like many others. You probably would be complacent with your life at the end of the journey. Therefore one should never enter into this foul game because once you enter you have to play even when you failure would be the only reward. Thus an ordinary man, surrounded by numerous materialistic desires just has mended a solved path, on which most of us are walking and he joins others without listening to his heart, without believing his heart he keeps following others. He is running in the energetic day of his youth and walking in later years while repairing the same path for his future generations.

But few fanatics dares to enter into this maze ' they listen to their mind; think as a sole individual and not as the carbon copy of anyone else. Their actions are not what they have seen or studied but the product of their own heart and brain. They deny any fear as they deny that materialistic trap. For them being a free bird is like attaining salvation. These birds are treacherous, nefarious, and spurious by the world but then they are themselves ' away from the history.   


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