Doles: A Tool for Making People Political Slaves

India is the unique country for its geographical, social, economical, cultural and religious diversities. There is also diversity in natural resources throughout this country. It has given immense space to the people for an integrated peaceful living. It teaches for mutual sharing, interdependence and mutual living.

The economic based of this country is agriculture. The majority of the population (about 70%) lives in rural area. After 7 decades and more of Independence, the population has to face multifarious problems – poverty, ill-health, illiteracy, etc. Unemployment is now the biggest challenge of this country.

Unfortunately, after foreign rule government has not been made any strategic plan and policy to make the country and its countrymen self-sufficient and self-dependent. Every time, it provides some doles to its people by which they are being dependent on governments (central and state).

As per economic philosophy of Swamy Vivekananda, the economic development of people are three folds – the development of agriculture, sustainable industrialization and the development of human capital (improvement of quality and skills of labouring force). Third aspects are a tertiary referred to the trade and various services sectors. But our country suffers from proper planning in above three sectors. As a result of this, our countrymen never think for self-sufficiency. Economic development is a part of total development of man. Here there are lots of intellectuals, experts and human brains. But they are neglected by the government. Only some of them if support the government ruled by particular political party is honoured with a chair of a Commission/Department/Ayog. Their expertise is not implied for country’s development. Only elected members of the houses and ministers could think better about the country’s development and progress. Interestingly most of them are convicted by the courts, they are educationally poor and other some qualities that do not support for country’s planning and development.

There are no such initiative taken and implied to make the country and its people self-sufficient. Agriculture and agro-based industries are almost neglected, and industrialization is far away from a government’s priority. Now privatization of public sectors is prioritized. They forget about the “Green Revolution” at Punjab. But their industrialization depends on foreign investment. Now the situation is so bad that no foreign corporate comes forward to invest in this country. Political parties and their leaders are the factors of non-investment because of highly politicalization of every space of this country. So, their publicity and promise of industrialization are only a day-dream.

There is no regional/sectoral  agricultural development planning while cropping pattern is diversified according to the geography of the different region. Our policy-makers have not even taken any initiative for agricultural and agro-based industries resources mapping.  For example, the plantation(tea industries) is sick in our country, and our market is captured by Srilanka. Once our country produced high quality of tea and exported it. Everyday plantations labours have to dry with hungry and ill-health and others. But government has no planning for revival of this industry.  Our leaders and policy-makers never think about agro-based industrialization because agriculture is the poor and non-prestigious sector. They utter a slogan for digital India. But they do not have merit to think about digitalization in agriculture sector.

Rural youth of the different region has to migrate for a job. Now villages are emptied due to absence of youth. The elderly people have no alternative how to reach the burning ghat after their death. Secondly during any crisis (disaster) no one has there to help and to stand by.

Political business persons of this country are doing their business very comfortably because they are very much satisfied to declare some doles in every year budget. Main aim of this budget is to make people dependent on the government/political parties for getting these doles by which they would remain as their slaves. Every person wants work to manage their own. But policy of governments /leaders is tactically different to make them political slaves because if they become self-dependent, they would raise voice against them. Nowadays our market is filled with foreign goods. Many times, our own products are marketed and packaged by foreign corporate. Our leaders behave like monarch. Democracy and people’s right are only a highly cost mask.  Thus, would this country further to be captured by foreigners/corporate in a new form of rule?


More by :  Dr. Harasankar Adhikari

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