Politics and Celebrities

In India elections can be fought and won on freebies, caste, religious reservations or celebraties. Ideology or commonsense has no place and role to play. That is why celebraties are finding it easier to enter politics by their popularity and nothing else. They lack in leadership qualities, do not know any thing about administration like hereditary and region-, caste-, religion-, selfishness-centered ordinary politicians.

Thus Indian political scene is free for all. All undeserving individuals are entering politics base on their birth or celebrity status. These people do not have any idea of constitution, nation or checks and balances inbuilt - such as executive, legislative and judiciary. They give importance solely to executive and weaken the other two constitutional bodies and become dictators through democratic election. They feel that they are above every wing of constitution as they are elected.

In India poverty is rampant for various reasons and one of them is the rule by inefficient and hereditary politicians as leaders of major national and regional political parties since independence 70 years back.

These celebraties have no idea of legislation, executive, judiciary and cooperation among these mutually checking constitutional institutions. Every one has been playing with Indian constitution and its sanctity has been gradually eroded by various popular leaders.

These celebraties after getting elected want to be hegemonic towards every other constitutional authorities and institutions and want then to attend to their whims and fancies.

Mr. Ramachandran, Rama Rao, Jayalalita have been dictatorial and in their hurry to eradicate poverty resorted to popular politics which ruined the financial, administrative and economic health of the respective states.

Popular politics, freebies and hurry to eradicate poverty by hook or cruck will not succeed; this has been proved many times in these 70 years both at national and regional levels.

Only efficient administration with an ideology will help eradicate poverty. Nothing else. No one else.

So the entry of another celebrity from south India will not be different. So will be in Andhrapradesh; any celebrity trying to enter electoral politics will be of no help.

Ruling a nation and running administration are not so simple and incapable people only degrade administration.

Love for poor need not be live for all citizens. Any administrator must take into account needs of all citizens and just not "poor" and underprivileged.

A nation grows, develops and shines by sound economic, administrative and objective policies.

Popular politics and hereditary leaderships are bane to Indian politics. Indian economically and financially poor citizens can be helped only by encouraging them to participate in nation-building and never by making them beggars to alms of political parties.

Any leadership from celebraties and or inefficient hereditary - sons, daughters, sons-in-law, wives, companions will not be able to deliver any useful results.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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