The Meaning of Success!

Definition and meaning of success is not the same for all. Depending on the individual’s value systems, mental-make-up, upbringing, culture, tastes, likes, dislikes, success varies from individual to individual. Many consider acquiring ability to earn and earning money is success. Some others consider becoming famous in chosen field is success irrespective of money earned. Some consider themselves successful when their work is recognized by the society and honors them with laurels.

Some consider their life is successful if they live peacefully without causing any hurt or harm to fellow beings and life systems. Some others consider life as successful when they join an NGO and dedicate life for a cause of their liking. Some are satisfied when they do their duties to family perfectly and lead a life of simple living and high thinking. Some consider themselves successful when they are able to acquire power by hook or crook and live a life of pomp. Some like to boss over fellow humans and consider themselves successful. Some feel successful as dictators and rule citizens with an iron fist.

Very few consider themselves successful when they are able to merge themselves in the Divinity after they discharge all their worldly responsibilities. There has been a saying, an average American wants to become a millionaire, an average German wants to become a Professor and an average Indian wants to become a sage or seer. These are just reflections of the individual tastes and cultures that make one feel successful in life. But one must become successful in one’s chosen way to lead a life of calmness and serenity.

There is no measure to determine which life is more successful than the other. All lives have their own pluses and minuses. Success is a tonic for every life. Ego of the individual plays a role in determining one’s success and it assumes many forms. Knowingly or unknowingly we identify ourselves with our occupation and when we feel we have achieved something we feel we are successful. Building spiritual empires and being called as God or Goddess is success to many when both their worldly and “spiritual” ambitions are realized.

Emotional fulfillment is the aim of any success. In this sense some feel successful when they able to love and be loved by near and dear. Any time, success in materialistic aspects overthrows other achievements and always the rich are respected and adored in the society. Earning money is the yardstick for success.

In the list of recent and earlier, most successful Indians, compiled by a popular Indian magazine, we find all most all individuals coming from corporate world, politics, cinema and sports who earned lots of money. Individuals from literature, music, other fine-arts or simple folk who live and let live fellow citizens peacefully and comfortably may never be able to make to such lists. The lists reflect our measure of success.

Success can also be associated with average individuals who do their duties responsibly becoming nuts and bolts of the wheels of the nation and society and enable them move smoothly. But we also have individuals amongst ourselves who have developed vested interests in our divisions and dangerously play with our lives and are successful in becoming important individuals changing and guiding the destiny of our nation and destinies of fellow citizens. Success to one need not be success to all. Still we must aim to be successful and achieve what we want. Best wishes to all of us.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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