Ethics - On The Brink of Apocalypse?

Professional hazards are entwined in daily life of any profession albeit degree or category may vary. We, the engineers in industry, are engaged in routine life and render services for the business of our proprietor. Proprietor may be single man, may be group of persons or may be President of India or any Government body. We usually take care of designing, manufacturing, operating and maintaining various machineries assuring safety of man and machine.

If one looks back it will be recalled that there were and there are so many instances of attack on engineers/executives. Companies like Maruti, Honda, Sterlite etc to name a few leaving aside PSU units like HEC etc. Executives were shot dead or chased till their residence by professional murderers etc. We seldom listen that executives have gone on mass leave due to atrocities by workmen. Executives sometimes do go for strike but after ensuring proper Manning of various critical installations for their safety and prevention from any damage. They never stop workers to continue regular production by themselves.

Medical is one profession where doctors deal with human being and there the tolerance for negligence and dereliction is minimal, rather nil. They are administrated the pledge on ethics and service to humanity. They do have professional hazards like us. They have every right to protest and show anger but that is not at the cost of human life. The person who loses his parents, siblings or children under such circumstances know it much better. They have every right to ask for facilities, better wages, better working atmosphere and better facilities. That too not at the cost of human life , for whose safety and health they were taught for so many years. They enter for job in a government hospital knowing fully well about the working atmosphere,wages and hazards.

People in Japan show their anger by producing more so that the management will end up with huge inventory for which market is not geared up. They make shoes of one leg either right or left so that management can't sell. Once the strike is resolved they make shoes of other leg. See the sensitivity of general workers. They don't damage their bread earning institution.

In the similar way doctors can treat patients in a make shift tents etc outside hospital premises or they can continue their service in the hospital itself while some doctors can engage themselves in negations with management or government. We forget that there is thick line between educated lot or professionals and uneducated or poorly educated working class. Trespassing each other's territory is grossly inappropriate. Let the two classes enjoy respect and honour in their own territory and show due respect to the people on either side of thick line. Let everybody live in their own space with sweet exchange of humanity, trust and respect with neighbours cutting across caste, religion, age and profession.

Where we left our ethics ? Where we have lost our humanity?  The basic problem is politics. The opposition parties immediately jump into the conflict site and offer olive branch to gain political milages. The gullible minds fall prey to that. This is very sad and unfortunate for the country in general and citizens in particular.

Wish people understand and get enlightened so as to make our mother India an ideal place to live in.


More by :  Abhijit Sur

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