Mr. Modi, his victory, wife and US visa!

Mr. Modi"s victory

Hearty congratulations to Mr.Modi for the fantastic personal triumph over many odd circumstances, people and things including his party big wigs. Best wishes. Thanks for ridding nation of congress. India is a nation of wisdom and spirituality and not merely of religion as defined by RSS or any.

And progress and development are not merely economic and materialistic. Indian tradition is balanced culture of tolerance and punishment, fine-arts, music, dance, literature, philosophy and science and technology. And progress must take place in all these fields simultaneously. The progress in these fields must not and can not wait economic development to happen and then start progressing. Human and nation's life is multifaceted and just earning money is not all.

India is not a mere conglomeration of corporate identities; it has been a great nation because of its contribution in all fields, spirituality, knowledge, skills, fine-arts and the rest like them. Every Indian ruler, must know this and preserve these specialist contributions and must respect unity in diversity and cannot afford to ignore this reality of ages. Respecting all religions, cultures, ideologies is a must for central and state governments. Hope new government bears this in mind and will not allow itself to be led and governed by fundamental forces and chauvinism.

All the best to Mr. Modi again and to Indian progress.

The Indian media must now learn to stop the words "saffron", Hindutva ideology, Nationalist Hindu party - terms used by western media. Mr. Modi is their prime minister whether they like it or not. The days of "SECULARISM" POLITICS ARE OVER. Let all Indians get emotionally integrated and not  graded or divided any more on any denomination by any Indian including the vily politicians. Let us, all Indians, live in harmony, friendship and peace and joy.

It is very good and peaceful for the nation and government that BJP got majority on its own in LOK Sabha and thus making wins of parties of Ms. Jayalalita, Ms. Mamata Banerjee and Mr. Navin Patnaik irrelevant for the formation and stability of central government.

Hats off to Indian voters!

Mr. Modi's relationship with his wife

God made Mr. Modi to acknowledge and accept the presence of his wife and gave her a dignified life from now on; whether Mr. Modi accepts her into his life and house or not.

Indian tradition of Upanishadic seers being house-holders and taking the respective responsibilities of house-holders is the breath of Indian living.

Monk-ship or being a Sanyasi is historical super-imposition of Buddhism and Jainism on ancient Indian tradition. House-holder-ism is supreme of all "aashramas".

Life of monk-ship or celibate is ok but house-holder is essential for furthering the human race by producing next generations and take various professions so that the societal materialistic needs are taken care of. Pure materialism or pure absconding from family responsibilities is not ancient Indian tradition.

Indian tradition is a sweet blend of materialism and spirituality. Spirituality never looks down materialism; spirituality guides us in living. Spirituality teaches and provides us a balanced outlook of life and living.

Tradition is many times superior to individuals, how much "great" they are.

Grant of US visa to Mr. Modi

In international diplomacy or selfish-interests of a nation, like US and European nations where and when only commerce, business, money, finance and corporate interests dominate, values and cries for human rights like vain slogan will get submerged.

Mr. Modi will be given US visa and so every nation. How the human rights performance of Mr. Modi so fast improved?

Any where and anytime it is money which dictates human actions. Tall talk of values, principles etc., will become vain, hoarse, illusory and myth and washed away by the reality of money-making and other materialistic pursuits.

So let the US or the European union not talk of and lecture on human rights and like vain and selfish slogans and be realistic with India and other Asian nations and stop playing global police and moral up-keepers.
Do business, which is your sole interest.

Money and corporate interests always dictate terms of relations, governance and the like in a nation or globally.

Corruption, financial wrong-doing, deceitful-business practices, corporate cheating, economic offences are built-in in capitalism. One has to adjust to these if one wants money to grow and materialism to rule our lives.

The US and other capitalist nations are personifications of these capitalistic blemishes.

So let them confine to doing business and not preach or lecture on values or principles. Corporate ethics are realistic. Ideals have no place there.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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