World Nuclear Misconception


Nuclear misconception among world nations provokes the thought on arms race, leading only towards utter destruction of the world and not promotion of security to maintain world peace for socio-economic development.

Holocaust of the World

It is well known that as far as economic and defense matters are concerned advanced Western countries are for the domination on other nations according to their policy of protectionism. It is interesting to witness Nuclear Missiles War in James Bond movies like Diamonds are Forever or The Spy Who Loved Me orGolden Eye but not in reality as holocaust of the whole world without victory for anyone is sure. 

Disarmament and World Peace

Realizing this fact, the USA and USSR came forward for compromise paving the way for disarmament of Nuclear Weapons and promotion of World Peace through the famous Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT) I and II. Due to that agreement Nuclear Weapons of these countries were reduced from 22,000 or so to around 6,000 or so each. But according to the view of the former US Secretary of State, Robert McNamara if the Nuclear weapons are further reduced to the tune of 200 in each Super Power, it would be enough to maintain the world order at the time of chaos.

Nuclear Missiles 

Thereafter America and Russia dropped the idea of making big Nuclear Weapons from their agendas as in the Cold War period. Instead of that their attention has turned from Atomic Bombs to limited Nuclear Weapons like short or long range Nuclear Missiles. America is interested in deep penetration weapons in lieu of nuclear arsenals. But Russia seems to have successfully achieved an edge over other nations in the development of Anti-Missile Shield. So, USA is trying its level best in its program of Satellite Defense Initiative, which is famously called as Star Wars Program or Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense System. 

Axis of Evil

After being described as Rogue Nations of the Axis of Evil by the USA, Iran and Libya accepted the inspection of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to check for the existence of Atomic Bombs in their Nuclear Plants and were ready for elimination of nuclear weapons if such weapons were found in their stocks. No weapons were found out so far. In the meantime Libya normalized its relationships with both the European Union and the USA. But Iran has developed a dispute with the USA over the issue of Nuclear Power for civil purpose as it cannot oblige to the diktats of the USA.

Nuclear Weapons Free World 

Even North Korea came forward for the dismantling of its Nuclear Weapons Program if an assurance was provided for its National security and economic development by the USA. Six party meetings were also initiated among North Korea, South Korea, China, Japan, Russia and America for settling the issue between North Korea and the USA. Conclusively no solid decision was taken till the recent meeting. So, North Korea went on with its nuclear program. In July 2006 it has tested its missiles causing displeasure to its neighbors and concern to the whole world.

So, Japan and the USA have now gone to the UN Security Council to decide about this matter in order to stop North Korea's Nuclear weapons program. In this connection it has to be said that if the USA is steady with its Foreign Policy and acts under the direction of UNO, Nuclear Weapons Free World can be created in the near future. 

Promotion of World Peace

Even though Israel can be believed to be sincere in its efforts towards peace with Palestine in accordance with its Anti-Terrorism policy, Pakistan cannot be relied upon for the promotion of World Peace after being made into a major Non-NATO ally by the USA in the War on Terrorism because of its double talks and non-development of genuine democracy. In this circumstance it has become a necessity for India also to develop anti-missile defense system to protect itself from the potential nuclear neighbors like Pakistan, China and others. So, for the prevention of nuclear attacks, the best option for India is to follow the policy of give and take with its neighbors so that peace and a close rapport can be established with them in pursuit of mutual economic development in order to achieve a nuclear weapon free zone in South Asia and in the world. 

Shanghai Cooperation Organization 

Sometime back China has started Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) with central Asian countries like Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Russia to jointly combat international terrorism and for economic development among themselves. Slowly SCO developed with the view of cooperating with its neighboring countries for the promotion of World Peace. In the recent meeting observer status was conferred on countries like India, Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, Israel, Palestine and other Saudi Arabia States for seeking international cooperation to fight against terrorism and to meet energy needs among themselves by laying oil and gas pipelines in Central Asian region.

American Cold War Policy Not Changed

After the Cold War, War on Terrorism has started. To fight against international terrorism some East European counties like Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and others have joined hands with the USA. For the promotion of freedom and democracy in those regions and for solving its energy needs USA is increasing its influence in the Caspian and Central Asian regions. As a result its influence played a big role in the Rose, Tulip and Velvet Revolutions in Georgia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan that created virtually irksome atmosphere in that region similar to Cold War situation in pursuance of balance of power there. 

This has provoked Russia to take counter measure against this trend by holding control over energy supply in Europe and in the west. If the West and the USA act against its reasonable interest, Russia will facilitate energy supply to Eastern countries like China, Japan and others by laying oil and gas pipelines there in lieu of Europe. Now Russia has emerged again as a Super Power as far as energy supply for the world is concerned. 

Recently the former Premiere of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachov has stated that it is better for the USA to take off its hand on the countries of that region and invited all countries to think about the disarmament of Nuclear Weapons and the creation of Nuclear Weapons Free World as dreamt by the late Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi making use of the UNO the best they can as he thinks that is the best way to achieve World Peace. Accordingly if America and Russia in the coming G8 Conference of advanced Countries drop confrontationist attitude and strengthen their friendship for cooperation and coordination towards disarmament, World Peace can be achieved with certainty in the future.     


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