The Apparently Wasteful Exercise

How so many people across India are able to get wades of new currency notes worth crores when honest citizens are languishing in que to get a mere two thousand?

During the fight against black money many are making black money using new currency.

Highly ironical!

Corrupt individuals in banks, post offices, government are facilitating black money hoarders to white their money, meanwhile they themselves are "making and earning" black money.

The spirit of fight against black money is defeated and ridiculed by black money hoarders in collusion with their corrupt friends in public and private financial institutions and the honesty of normal citizens is laughed at and made the citizens look first rate fools. This is irritating and disturbing.

A corrupt former minister launders black money and performs marriage of his daughter in vulgar display of black money; many such marriages took place in the homes of ministers, other "elite" citizens who have connection. All this is happening in the midst of fight by "whole" nation against black money and corruption!

Really honest citizens are taken for granted and are advised to be soldiers in the fight against corruption and black money; and ruling and other influential black money hoarders are let off with impunity. Many ruling party politicians are also involved in this arrogant and vulgar display of hoarding of black money and this is slapping on government and honest citizens. Then we can be sure to conclude that all the negative elements in society help one another and hoard black money again in no time through corrupt practices and evasion of tax payment.

All this fight by ordinary soldiers against corrupt practices and hoarding of black money is and will be defeated and made null by connivance of generals, majors, lieutenants and other higher rank in the form of politicians and corrupt citizens in relevant political, social and financial institutions, is disgusting.

Wish government works hard through its institutions to see that the sacrifice of ordinary citizens does not go a waste and black money will not get hoarded again through corrupt practices by elite and influential bad elements of the society. Else citizens will reject the de-monetisation exercise as a wasteful and painful plan.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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