Alternative Sources of Energy Necessary

Freedom without responsibility or discipline has made Indian democracy a farce as there is no control over politics, bureaucracy, population and also price of products. But unnecessary government controls through inspector Raj have hampered socio-economic developments here proliferating only corruption in all walks of life for decades together. Besides this, recent world oil price hikes have increased inflation to 6% and more due to lack of alternative sources of energy being invented or discovered using Science and Technology [S&T] in India. 

Oil after-shock

The oil after-shock is certainly bound to occur unless alternative fuel for oil is introduced for the consumption of transport vehicles in India. Now caught between the people and the Public Sector Units [PSU], the present government cannot escape from the checkmate due to oil price rise everyday in the international market. As a result, if it satisfies either of the two, for the present government economic collapse or loss of power before or after the ensuing general election in two years is sure to happen!

1974 Oil crisis

The crude oil price hikes have increased prices of all commodities with cascading effect all over the world including India. Actually after the Vietnam War in 1974, the world oil crisis started with America supporting Israel in the Middle East War antagonizing towards all Arab nations. From then on many countries are trying to invent new sources of energy as an alternative to oil without much success and are unable to produce commercially viable energy so far. After three decades now, again the uncontrolled American War in Iraq has triggered the world wide crude oil price hike urging all nations to look for alternative energy sources urgently necessary to overcome the world oil crisis.

World Crises due to Iraq War

The recurring Israel-Palestine conflicts in the Middle East and the illegal occupation of Iraq by Anglo-American forces are the main causes for all the world crises such as the hike in the prices of all materials and also increase of international terrorism, proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and probable World War III between the Islamic and Christian religious countries. With the initiative of the international community under the aegis of the UNO only these problems can permanently be solved in the world.

Israel and Palestine Nations, Pakistan Bridge

So, unless the two nations of Israel and Palestine are peacefully established and the occupying Anglo-American forces are withdrawn from Iraq after transferring sovereignty to the people of Iraq, Oil and Petrol Exporting Countries [OPEC] cannot bring down the crude oil price from $50 plus to $30 or even less per barrel. Consequently, India should have friendly relationships with the Arab countries and Pakistan to have easy access to oil that can be brought from Iran and Central Asian countries through oil pipelines to India via Pakistan, which has become the bridge between West Asia and South Asia for the transport of people, goods and energy today.

Oil Explorations by ONGC

Oil exploration has to be continuously conducted by the PSUs like the Oil and Natural Gas Commission [ONGC] as well as the private sector units like Reliance to extract, refine and sell oil for the regular consumption in order to balance or maintain the economic development of India at the current rate of 8% GDP. In this respect oil production by ONGC in the Bombay High and Gujarat, oil exploration by Reliance Ltd. in Krishna and Godavari River basins in India and ONGC Videsh Ltd.'s explorations in Sudan and Russia have to be appreciated and increased.

Oil Pipelines

Apart from the Iran-Pakistan-India Oil pipeline project, India should also try for the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India pipeline. Immediately it is better if India tries to purchase oil from Azerbaijan, as the 1746 km. oil pipeline has been commissioned now in the Baku [Azerbaijan]-Tbilisi [Georgia]-Ceyhan [Mediterranean Sea port in Turkey] route, from where oil can be pumped into the Israeli pipeline to the Red Sea port for collecting it in the Large Container Liners for shipping to India via Red Sea and Arabian Sea. Otherwise, oil can be bought from Russia using Israel pipeline and shipping facility on the Red Sea and Arabian Sea route till oil pipeline is laid from Russia to India via China, Myanmar and Bangladesh as per the economic cooperation proposal made in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization [SCO] among Russia, China and India.


In the western countries except the cost of living, prices of commodities, vehicles and other products remain to be normal for a long time. But in India it is not only not so but also there is price variation for every product from State to State within the country. Because of oil crisis, in Brazil, Mexico and in some States of USA due to large-scale cultivation of Sugarcane, ethanol obtained out of it is used as gasoline for their vehicles there. Not only that, they have also made headway in doing researches in Solar powered [or battery operated] cars in order to overcome oil crisis as well as pollution problem.


So, it is time everyone in India also should go for alternative energy sources by exploiting renewable sources of energy such as Solar power, Wind power, etc. besides cultivating bio-diesel plants for the production of alternative fuel for oil necessary for various applications; and thereby the hike of prices in various commodities can be curtailed and controlled to everyone's advantage against all odds.


To start with as an alternative and as a measure of minimizing the consumption of international oil, 10% ethanol blended petrol and Jatropha oil can be used in India. It is good news that Chhattisgarh Chief Minister has introduced the use of Jatropha oil in the government vehicles and that Indian Railways is using Jatropha oil in the railway engines and has started the cultivation of Jatropha plants in the barren fields belonging to the Railways of India for extracting oil from the Jatropha seeds for their regular consumption. So, it is the best way if the Jatropha cultivation is introduced all over India, oil crisis can very well be solved. Also, it will be commercially viable and profitable for the Indian farmers too.  


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