Stardust Memories

$128,000,000 just isn't what is was. It seems all it will buy NASA, is a few grams of dust. I mean you just don't get too much for your money these days. Mind you, the dust may allow science to focus on clues in the construction of earth and its inhabitants. Perhaps it may assist science in understanding how humans evolved from the memories in the stardust.

Although it only took seven years to gather the space dust, millions of people died of hunger in that time frame, eating only earth dust, whilst the scientists waited for the precious cargo of star dust. Who cares about that, better to spend money on a few grains that may help some peoples hypothesis that God does not exist, and everything evolves by chance.

Unfortunately for the brave new world of science, even if they can come up with something more tangible about evolution than they have now ... It will not help one grain, in letting us know who put the intelligent blueprints in the stardust in the first place, to create/evolve the earth and humans.

However, two things the stardust does reveal ... It discloses the fact, exploration of outer space is more imperative than compassion in our inner space... It uncovers the fact, Gods love does not exist in the minds of people who would rather spend millions on fools errands, than feed the hungry.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star, 
I guess you now know for sure,

What twits, some humans are.  


More by :  Michael Levy

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