Islamophobia; A Term Needs Moratorium

The cook out English term Islamophobia,cosmetically used to describe bigotry against the Muslims is geometrically strengthening prejudices between Muslims and rest of the world. The Muslims are rather musty considered, and repercussions are seen worldwide. Whether it is in the form of several European countries reconsidering their approaches to immigrations and culture fore Muslims or the mass killing of Muslims in ethno religious faction in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The appalling abuse of Iraqi prisoners at the Abu Gharib detention facility during the second Gulf war or it is the Shucking controversial anti Islam Film All these events can be well seen as an example of prejudice, falling suitably under the umbrella of what they call Islamophobia.

The saga of building ground zero mosque is probably the most debating commodity these days in America, Millions of Americans are hopping mad over the news and considering it as “victory mosque’ and thus a slap bang in the middle of ground Zero seems a stun grenade to this fear mongering society. Not only this, huge amount of American population has been Stupefyingly convinced that Barak Obhama is a Muslim when he is doing everything to be a non Muslim, Still media is framing it in Black and white terms, misrepresenting the facts and painting one side in caricature, due to this hysterical nutters are taking advantage and are using it as a populist cause to whip up fury that they can use to gain power and verify there dominance.

This seemingly strategic term Islamophobia is been applied to widespread and justifiable revulsions to racial discriminations and further to equate bigotry against Muslims with criticism of Islam and prejudicing all the Muslim citizens as suspicious and untrustworthy with this everything which Muslims do seems extremistic to them whether it is the Fatwa against Salman Rashdi or protest against the Danish Cartoonist. The reflexive modernization and the culture narcissism among the political groups are temptingly enough to lead us more physical confrontations in the future and since the hysterical hellions are doing everything to alienate the Muslims and provoke all kind of odds against us. We should stand by our values and stress to banish the expression from the discourse.


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Comment ''Bad'' se bad''naam bura'' perhaps would describe the present situation in which a vast majority of our Muslim brothers find themselves.
The cure may lie within themselves rather than trying to find fault with others! ''Raise thyself through thyself'' should be the guiding principle! As starters, Get rid of the bad Apples! Good luck and best wishes.


02-Jan-2015 08:15 AM

Comment The term 'Islamophobia' stems from the world's perception of atrocities perpetrated by those terrorist groups that are avowedly Muslim. While these extremist Muslim groups are dedicated to the spread of Islam, and are pro-active within Islamist regimes, the vast majority of Muslims are tarred with the same brush. These latter are good, honest, and exceptionally virtuous individuals given the discipline imposed on their lives in the practice of Islam. From these latter ranks is the cry heard against the method of the former, 'That is not Islam!' that requires a careful distinction to be made in world's mind between those visible radical Islamist militants whose cause is jihad and who are utterly disregarding of human life to gain its ends and ordinary peace-loving Muslims like yourself who are invisible. It is the Islamist confession of those who draw Islamophobia that is evidence of a potentiality in Islam in all followers. Islamophobia is really a hatred of evil that gains licence in the belief system of Islam, and that is ongoing.

23-Nov-2014 17:43 PM

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