The World of Social Networking and Vagaries alongwith

The growth in the number of Internet users heralded the reign of social networking portal. These portals gave a feel of real chatting in the virtual world of Internet. In this globalized and busy life people opted it to bridge the distance between them and their near and dear ones. There are social networking sites like orkut.comzaapaz.comfriends4u.com and many more. Most sought after site is Orkut. This site has completed three years of its existence very recently. This portal is owned by the famous search portal google.com. Joining this is very simple. This simple process makes it very much vulnerable and lot many cases of fake profile and contentious community have been noticed.

One of the latest case of faking profile was reported in Delhi, where an airhostess lodged a complain. She found her obscene profile on Orkut made by some unidentified net users. In the profile she has been described as a 'sex struck woman'. Phone number in her profile was of her neighbor, who was receiving obscene calls for some time. Her profile was also completed with communities of airhostesses and multi national companies in order to make sure that her friends and colleagues notice her. This clearly indicates to the fact that this was to defame her. The family of the hostess informed Orkut and they closed the profile. It was reopened after two days. 

There were demands to ban this social networking site many a times. The protest against this site was because of the communities like 'I hate Narendra Modi', 'I hate Shivaji', 'I hate India' and many more, which hurt the sentiments of the people. Lot many times, after these kinds of communities surfaced there has been demands to close down this networking portal. 

Banning this portal is not the solution to the problem. How many sites of these kind will be banned and can we ban the whole Internet? Though we have a stringent IT act but that too has its limitations. This act is valid only in India and a person of foreign origin if found guilty can only be punished if we have an extradition treaty with the concerned country.

A global body, which cannot be constrained by nation boundaries, will be an ultimate solution to this brewing problem. Until and unless, there is a universal body to check all this, defaulters will roam unchecked. Data and facts on the Internet will be morphed and faked. Its high time, precise universal laws should be thought of and worked upon to get a safe future for Internet.  


More by :  Mihir Mishra

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