The Threat of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

I may sound highly preposterous. But I don’t care!

The sudden and surging development of AI and its results are stunning, shocking, and also disturbing to me at least.

While computer graphics have done and also doing enough good and bad things already for society and the public, this development is still scary.

I watched a duet song from a very popular Sivaji Ganesan song with the present-day popular star and another actor through this. One more news I read in recent times is that instruments and their players of them are already eliminated from song recordings of films. Computers and software play that role in the closed confines of the recording room. Yet another shocking news is the world-famous Indian music director is planning to recreate the voices of the legends of Indian cinema for the benefit of the public and music lovers.

Pray, What for?

Every musician, composer, singer, and instrument player has their style, creativity, and in the case of vocalists their voice specifically. So, this great man is planning to create some songs that the olden day singers have not sung and create these new songs in their artificially created voice.

I cannot feel but dreadful about it.

Today’s film music has already touched the nadir of cacophony and absurdity.

At this rate, I will not be surprised if one day some social media suddenly play the song ‘Uppu karuvadu’ in the voice of MK Tyagaraja Bhagavatar and ‘Chinna chinna aasai’ in the voice of MS Subbulakshmi. There cannot be greater sacrilege than these creations!

Science and Technology are always Double-edged Weapons. They will make and unmake things. The science that developed the atomic bomb is only responsible for many of our industries and other developmental activities. Even the IT industry has done good as well as bad for society.

Art and Music are always creative, unique, exclusive, inimitable, and individualistic. Interference of any form and meddling will only spoil the name of the artists. It is for the educated and public to use as well as appreciate all technical developments within the boundaries of dignity and respect for those legends.

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