The Thieves are Ashamed (Choreder Lajja Holo)

Corruption is deeply rooted as cancerous cell in Indian society and it is propelled that no work without bribe is almost impossible in every sphere of administration, even in daily life. It is very unfortunate that self-less help and co-operation are not considered as humanly qualities. Therefore, debate and gossip about corruption is everywhere boundlessly and timelessly like gossip and debate on sexuality regardless of time, place, and age. It is as if energy of life.

Recent debate on ‘order for refund of “cut money” in West Bengal is a new panorama in Indian politics. “Cut money” ,  a form of corruption has been recognized and registered by the administration. Now, what this “cut money” is. It might be defined as a method of collecting/accepting bribe tactically (sometimes forcefully) from service takers/beneficiaries of governmental or quasi-governmental benefits and eventually it is a hide-and-seek backdoor policy. It refers to an offering or gift to the lobbying person for a benefit which may not be large, medium or small. It has to offer for job card under MGNEGRA, a government job to other various heavy works almost known to all sensitive persons. It is obviously due to lack of transparency and fulfillment of greed of the particular persons holding power and authority in a political party based democracy. However, it is a process of looting of revenues indirectly for personal gain and enjoyment. It is due to polluted political practices and of course, there is a huge disparity in the social, economic and cultural milieu of this society. 

Debate on order for refunding of “cut money” reminds a play titled “Choreder Lajja Holo’ (the thieves are ashamed) of Shyamal Tanu Dasgupta, a renowned Bengali dramatist and play-writer. In this play, there was an infamous thief lived in a slum of Kolkata. He was known to all for his mischief.  In his tender age, he got involved in romantic relation with a girl of his community. They planned to tie up themselves after getting marriage, and they would be shifted to other place for settling up in a family. He also determined to leave his profession. Their dream was to establish them in mainstream society. 

By that time, a group of so-called respected administrators (i.e. curator of a museum, chief of police and so forth) summoned him and ordered him to make a mischief for them. He and his wife repeatedly requested to leave him for this because he was no more in his profession. But they provoked and threatened to obey their order, otherwise he should be faced dare consequence. Last of all, he was afraid of and agreed to steal a precious antique from a museum as per their direction. When he was coming out to finish his task, he was shot by security personnel. After getting this message, his wife was broken and asked this group of administrators why they did it. They had no voice and they were ashamed.

This issue of refund of “cut money” would never be a right tactic to make politics free from corruption.


More by :  Dr. Harasankar Adhikari

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