Gandhian Mantle

Anna Hazare’s fast has achieved some consideration from our political masters and the parliament. The parliamentarians have spoken and a resolution has been passed. But we can never be sure of a Lokpal law in place until and unless the bill is passed by the same parliament. Whether it would be the Jan Lokpal Bill or some other bill remains to be seen. Politicians, especially the Indian variety, cannot be trusted and they will have no qualms in breaking their promises. Barring a miniscule few, the entire Indian political fraternity is neck deep in corruption and a sudden turn around to show statesmanship is very doubtful. If at all everything goes well and the very first Lokpal is someone like T.N. Seshan, the future of the institution is great. Otherwise, It would be one more white elephant and Frankenstein monster, both rolled into one.

But much more important than the Lokpal bill, a majority of the right thinking patriotic Indians feel highly relieved on another point – that a true Gandhian has taken over the mantle of Mahatma Gandhi. The Gandhian mantle has been under threat for almost half a century. Many of the new generation children have began to consider Mahatma Gandhi as the grand father of some ex-PMs and would-be-PMs. Just like our national flag and national symbols, one single political party had almost succeeded in ‘hijacking’ the Gandhian legacy and the entire credit for our outstanding freedom struggle, when Anna Hazare came up from nowhere to claim it. Nothing could have been better for Bharat and its citizens. And its implications will be much more in the days to come than the mere passage of a Lokpal bill.

National Spirit

Anna Hazare has rekindled the national spirit of India once again. Bharat Mata and Vande Mataram have become acceptable slogans once again. All the ‘organised’ groups who refused to join the team stand completely exposed of their real loyalty and intentions. Two generations (atleast one) of Indians have forgotten the glorious elements of our national spirit that forced the British out of India. Indian is such a diverse land that only extra strong elements of national spirit can unite us for a common cause. Mahatma Gandhi could read this peculiar aspect of Indians much more than others and that is why he became the tallest Indian leader though a late entrant. He knew very well that only the most salient features of our common heritage can unite all Indians to fight the British. From time immemorial Indians have always revered their Motherland on equal par with their Mothers. Anna has shown that even in this 21st century, Bharat Mata can inspire the most techno-saavy Indian to the uneducated farmers in our hinterlands.

The Vande Madaram spirit that was in bountiful display at Ramlila grounds and all over the country has given us much more hope than the hope of a Lokpal. Anna Hazare has touched the soul of millions of Indians as some one who can be trusted. He has stirred the national conscience once again following the same path as Mahatma Gandhi. There can be several counts on which the strategy, decision and obstinacy of Mahatma Gandhi had cost India dear, but no one could question his sincerity and dedication to the cause of India and Indians. Anna Hazare has climbed on to the same saddle as the Mahatma. His continued presence in the national scene would definitely give sleepless nights to so many politicians who are looting our nation day-in and day-out.

Silent Revolution

Apart from all around corruption there are so many other aspects of our national outlook that require corrections. Nothing short of a revolution (preferably silent) can help us achieve this. Pseudo-secularism, vote bank politics, income disparity, lack of food, clothing & shelter, religious & caste discriminations, reservations etc., are some of the areas that require immediate attention and corrections. India is already under the rule of Indians for the last 65 years and we cannot wait any further to make our administration objective, scientific and sensible. Land mafia is in full control and millions of Indians do not have even one cent of land in their name. All Indians must necessarily have minimum food, clothing, education, healthcare and shelter assured throughout their lifetime. If an inherently rich country like India cannot take minimum care of its citizens, what is our greatness in being called the world’s largest democracy, an emerging superpower and the future world leader?

Black money, population growth and terrorism are the three other areas that would require our utmost attention. Experts in the field have already suggested methods to tackle black money. It is very simple and can easily be tackled if there is political will. All that is required is a simple ordinance making it mandatory to declare all foreign accounts held by Indian citizens within a month’s time or be prepared to lose it. However the other two issues would require much more efforts on the part of our rulers to convince, coerce and discipline all citizens for common good and national cause. Our citizens must be Indians first and everything else next. Both population explosion and terrorist explosion are hurting our nation and holding it back.

The rekindled national spirit of Indian masses and the emergence of a true Gandhian leader can work wonders for India. Of course there will be ‘asuric’ forces in full force working against all that Anna stands for. But the spirit of India that has been let loose once again cannot be easily contained by a few evil political leaders. Team Anna must use all the resources and technology that is available in abundance in India to continue the offense against loot of India. All those foreign elements who are hell bent on bring India down with the aid of some unpatriotic, sycophant and spineless crowd of politicians must be brought to book. That is the only way to take Bharat Mata to the place it deserves among the world nations.


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Comment But can you visualize Ganghi going to ultra posh Medanta, Medicity, Gurgao after a 12 day fast? Medanta is a powerful symbol which tells that only the very rich and priviledged will get high quality medical fecilities in our country.

Prof. Shubha Tiwari
31-Aug-2011 00:08 AM

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