Patience in Democracy or Democratic Patience

Is Indian Democracy, democratic? Is it under the rule of a democratic government? Are people in Indian democracy more patient than other non-democratic ones?  At present, an authoritative or autocratic ruler leads this democracy. Democratic people have only the right to vote. They have to show patience and have to wait patiently for the next poll. The government does what it feels. It uses to facilitate the comfort of a few (elite and corporate). But the interest of mass does not consider as a matter because mass has a dominant power of patience.

The social scientist opines that there is a relationship between democracy and patience if the level and growth of income are considered as higher traits of development. ‘There may be a direct link between political regime, and patience.’ Weber (1978) stresses ‘the impersonality of the markets and its effect on individuals, and experimental evidence also shows how individuals act differently in market situations than in other arrangements.’ ”Social structure affects individual psychological functioning mainly by affecting the conditions of people’s own lives”.

Now, patience in democracy has become a strong pillar in India or people have to show democratic patience. The present ruler tests this patience of democratic people in many ways. It is an absolute threshold or weapon to this ruler because the ruler is trying to convince the people that patience would ensure prosperity and comfort-ability of people in the future. People have to wait for the next when it would shower the seeds of happiness.

Thus, people showed their patience in times of demonetization sacrificing more than one hundred lives, aiming to welcome a “ache din”. They hoped to get a few lakhs in their bank account. They are yet waiting patiently. They have to bear many more anti-people policies as silent spectators, because patience is their great virtue. This rule is taking it as an advantage to enforce its will deliberately. And it passed one term of 5 years of rule very comfortably because of people’s patience. Then, innocent people re-elect this rule with great hope. They were allured with the slogan, “sabka sath, sabka vikah, sabka vishwas”. Lastly, agitation and movement against the Farm laws have completed its 100 days patiently. The ruler has no headache because. And how many days it would take more to knock the rule, no one knows. The government is patiently waiting when it will be a suo motu. On the other hand, agitating farmers wait when the ruler would withdraw the laws. There is a test of both- ruler and ruled people.

The majority of the people stand patiently for better day either due to fear or threat or with hope of surviving because self-destruction is better than protecting life anyhow.

Democracy teaches us to be patient. This rule would patiently harm us. Will it make people’s democracy stronger? We should wait patiently, even after death.


More by :  Dr. Harasankar Adhikari

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