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Many Indians who are antagonistic to Prime Minister criticize him for the migrant laborers' problem. They point out lockdowns are hurriedly announced which caused tremendous trouble to the migrant laborers. Had lockdown not proclaimed and every set of migrant laborers carried the virus with them, then also government would have been found fault with.

  • Every nation had to hurry because of the speed and severity with which the virus has been spreading. It is easy to give swimming lessons by staying on the banks. It is easy even for a lame person to comment on runners and running styles.
  • Now today or tomorrow migrant laborers' problem may arise for American Indians and Indians abroad in some other countries.
  • All migrant laborers will migrate on their own. They don't take governments' permission to migrate. They do it because they find greener pastures in the to be migrated region. It is wholly and simply their voluntary decision and action.
  • In situations of emergency as present one created by Covid-19, it is natural to falter during this calamity for a size of India, both population and area wise. For example migrant laborers abroad also have to take their own measures. They can't blame governments for the decisions taken and actions implemented by foreign governments.
  • They should mend themselves. Migrancy for livelihood is reflection of poor planning and administration of the state government. And the desire and ambition of individuals unconcerned of government. They behave as they want and for their individual benefit; never think of their country but want governments to help them.
  • Dependence on government for small or big problems is not democratic spirit. But our politicians pamper for vote bank politics caste-, community-, region-, religion-, ideology-, sub-nationality - wise. Lake citizens completely dependent on government machinery for even small needs. The corrupt adminstration takes its share by squeezing the citizens.
  • It is a good governance when government interferes less and allows citizens liberty to choose their paths and maximum provides infrastructure and services. Politicians promising they do everything for citizens is deception. It is conceit-filled disservice.
  • Pampering lakes citizens lazy, inefficient, demanding - and none caring for them. Self-reliance must be the mantra for the citizens of a democracy and is advanced and useful governance.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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