First Form of Life

It is natural for anyone to delight at the success of his/her offspring. That's what happened to me when one of my own words ' FIFOL ' made it to the pseudo-dictionary (http://www.pseudodictionary.com/word.php?id=21412). I had used this word for the first time in an article entitled 'Evolution of Mankind ' Is it over?' which I wrote almost four years back and also published at http://www.indianest.com/opinion/0066.htm. With its elevation to the pseudo-dictionary now, I have hopes that it would eventually make it into the English language.

Many scientists believe that life began somewhere on the face of the earth in a hydrocarbon mixture exposed to lightning. But nobody has mentioned what was the first organism that got life. By defining a word for that first form of life, whatever be its shape, size and color, I have only attempted to close a linguistic gap. All our holy books are in agreement with Science about how universe began with a sound. Thus the first form of energy was sound. And now FIFOL provides an identity for the first form of life.

I had gone much further with FIFOL in my above article. Deviating from the current theories, I had proposed that life began in the Mariana Trench in Pacific Ocean at -40 degree Centigrade and 10,000 bar. I believe that FIFOL evolved into all the other forms of life as it ventured into higher temperatures and rarer atmospheres. The undersea beginning of life goes very well with the evolutionary beliefs in all the ancient civilizations and religions of the world.

The new word also offers tremendous opportunity for the current tsars of hi-tech cinema. Highly imaginative minds of Night Syamalan or Lucas or Speilberg can run riot in a movie entitled FIFOL. The size, shape and features of the first form of life can be anything according to the technology and budget at hand. I can only hope that nobody attempted such a theme so far for want of the word FIFOL.   


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