The Bane of India

When so many European countries came together to form European Union with common currency; and are helping one another by being and staying united in all types of crisis, our leaders mastered the art of divide and rule; and are true inheritors of the British.

What Sardar Vallabhai Patel did so much for us and achieved, by uniting India as Bismarck has done for Germany, is undone by our conceited politicians just for their well-being: what kind of democracy is being practiced?

What Nizam could not achieve is achieved by our present politicians; making Telanga region a Hyderabad state pampering the faithful for the vote-bank-politics.

Also two castes will dominate as "rulers" in separated Andhra as these two castes have money power and majority votes. That is why none of the  leaders majority of whom belong to these two caste groups  will oppose bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh as announced. It is unfortunate and atrocious. It is futile to agitate. All give and take is over at the leaders-level.

The caste-, region-, ideology- and religion- pampering for votes by the selfish politicians and the willingness from certain sections of citizens for such pampering in the name of caste, and the like is bane of the India.

And it is our experience that administrations in small states have become toys for selfish legislators to change sides and make the governments  fall to help themselves. The unstable govsernments in Goa, Jharkhand, Uttarkhand, etc., because of the aayaaraams and gayaaraams is a painful reality. Thus actually small states are breeding places for sides-changing representatives because the total number of legislators is small and even one or two legislators can tilt the scales. Then there is no evidence from these already formed small states that they provide beneficial rule for their citizens. Small is advantage only to the politician without scruples. To think citizens will get a better rule in small states is naive hope or child-like innocence.

Politicians make or break a nation, of course with the help of the self-centred citizens, affiliated only to their caste, region, religion, idology, or language and almost not to the nation. Citizens misguide themselves thinking they have a bright future for themselves, if their caste and the like divisions dominate and   never even think of welfare and well-being of other citizens belonging to other castes, regions, religions, ideologies, languages, who happen to be their neighbors. Such selfishness is exploited by the leaders and they are never working for the welfare any caste etc., including theirs and are only interested to use their position to illegally amass money and bring up their kith and kin as future leaders of their parties which became family feifdoms rather than democratic organizations. When will the self-wounding citizens know this?

 The nation may again be disintegrated into so many warring states. God save the integration of the nation. Neither citizens nor leaders are interested in it and also do not know the damage  being done to the nation in all aspects from welfare, well-being, to economical development, foreign policies, defence of the country and like many important fields of nation - governing. Who listens to this?

Very distressing!


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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Comment distressed are all real intellectuals in the country
your analysis is correct
the deprived ones - we are reminded of the hungry ones look up and are not fed -
what we read in college - are given promises and cards and vouchers and everything
except real succor
those are for ever going down and the fat money bags don't relent
a new thinking - not political - needs to erase the corrupt system existing now.
god save us
god save the country
real thinkers and intellectuals guide us
v v b ramarao

dr v v b rama rao
22-Aug-2013 01:08 AM

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