Humanity, Wealth and Welfare during the Pandemic Crisis

The entire world is in a challenging pandemic crisis of Coronavirus. This crisis is undoubtedly manifolds. And it is serious when life and death are prime concerned. It has taken lives of huge. No one knows how many lives it would be more and where it would be stopped? Its chain of infections and life taking has been revealed as a continued process. Lock down is the only effective measure to slow down the rate of infections and death.

Humanity, wealth and welfare- these three pillar of the world are ‘to-day faced with what is called progress.’ Lock down and social distancing are the obvious norms to fight against this Coronavirus pandemic. People are closed within their home and even they have to follow the physical distancing within their very close one because of its necessity. Men become ‘the greatest enemy of man, and ‘man is a man for a that.’ Humanity is in crisis. Humanity refers to love each other and love is the great power of humanity. Rabindranath Tagore expressed, ‘For love is the highest human truth, and truth gives fullness of life.’ According to the degree of truth in this love, welfare is determined. Tagore remarked, “A great truth has been laid bare to you, and according to your dealing with it you will attain the fulfillment of your destiny. If you do not have the strength to accept it in the right spirit , your humanity will rapidly degenerate, your love of freedom, love of justice, love of truth, love of beauty, will wither at the root; and you will be rejected of God.” At present, men are unhappy and in fear. The inner self of man is truncated. He searches for peace. ‘ But Peace comes from the inner spirit, from the power of sympathy, the power of self-sacrifice, not of organization.’ ‘For men to come near to one another and yet to continue ignore the claims of humanity is a sure process of suicide.’ The situation threats the togetherness of men. This situation is at this moment not supporting, ‘The meeting of men will be translated into the Unity of Man.”

Wealth and welfare are interdependent factors because wealthy people could offer the welfare services to their fellow poor members. Now production, income or generation of the wealth is in a stagnant stage. Everywhere, there is a strike like situation. And wealthier is more conscious thinking about his future. So, welfare of people might be hampered significantly. It contradicts, ‘property was the pillar that supported its civilization and wealth gave opportunity to the fortunate for self-sacrifice.’ To cope with this changing situation, will wealthy people cut off their standard of living? It is impossible because ‘property is medium for the expression of our personality’ which ‘separate one person from another.’ It is linked with their construction of mind. So, they may hardly change their mind set.

‘Civilization to-day has turned into a vast catering establishment’. And ‘The universal greed, produced as a consequence, is the cause of the meanness, cruelty and lies, in politics and commerce that vitiate the whole human atmosphere.’ Consequently, material and moral drain is prominent through increasing ‘the fatness of the cities and the physical and mental anaemia of the villages.’ It deliberately raises the wastage. Due to this, social life and its resources are disastrous. ‘It is an epidemic of voracity that has infected the total area of civilization.’ Food is needed for feeding life, not ‘for pampering a flame of passion.

Therefore, poor people were/are/would be more suffered with this, and they have to pay the highest because poverty, division and inequality are their ornaments. It reminds a line of Kabir -‘When I hear of a fish in the water dying of thirst, it makes me laugh'.


More by :  Dr. Harasankar Adhikari

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Comment It was a paragon opinion sir, and the way you concluded it with a humorous quote in a satirical way was matchless.

Sanskar Saxena
21-May-2021 14:35 PM

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