The Constitution of Human Life

Science and scientific invention have been promoted the progress of the entire globe. The most modern (trans-modern) civilization is the result of scientific progress and development. It has been accelerated globalization. Now the world is within our palm. Material comforts in human life has been changed the life style and life choice. Human status and relation are determined by the accessibility of this materials comfort.

But are we happy with this material comfort? Or are we satisfied with it? Or has it brought peace in this world? Then why are we involved in indulgences, violence and other inhuman acts?

Basically, we have forgotten the ultimate goal or the constitution of human life. Spiritualism says about three subtle basic components (trigunas) of ‘Sattva’, ‘Rajas’ and ‘Tamas’ . These three are the very fabric of creation. Human beings are dependent on its predominant subtle basic component and it influences the behaviour of all things. Spiritual practice can change the proportion of these components in human beings.

Among these ‘Sattava’ is the most intangible and nearest to divinity. It makes a person happy, contentment, virtues like patience, perseverance, ability to forgive, and other good qualities. While ‘Tama’ is the basest of these three and it makes a person lazy, greedy and increases attachment to worldly matters. And ‘Raja’ symbolizes for personal gain and achievement.

In the global era, these last two components are the driving force of human life as well as our society. The present scenario reminds us that people of ‘Tamas’ commit every type of undesireable and avoidable indulgences. Either they have education or unlettered and rich or poor. Our education is for earning a degree for money or wealth making. From every childhood, they learn for material comfort, and it is targeted oriented. Where morality, honesty and spiritual practices they learn hardly. They learn to imitate other for comfort. They forget their own capability and capacity. There is the ethical de-gradation in every stratum of the society.

There is urgent need of reformation of the constitution of human life. It should start from parents and family to school/education institution. A child is not born to meet the desired need of material comfort. The constitution of human life is not for material enjoyment, entertainment with changing life style and choice. The larger goal or constitution of human life is morality, honesty, faithfulness, helping to others. It is for life long happiness. The spiritual guide for ‘Sattava’ is the only source/path to save the world from any kind of violence.


More by :  Dr. Harasankar Adhikari

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