The World of the Ghosts


'Agar aap Bhagwanpar vishvas karte ho , to aapko Aatmanopar vishvas rakhanahi padega' ('If You believe in God, You have to believe in Ghosts') Ashutosh Rana In movie 'Raaz'.

Since my last article was 'In search of The God', I decided to write this article about Ghosts. From childhood the hidden fear of Ghosts live in our mind. We are always curious about the ghosts. 

One of the most frequent and long-established thoughts about 'ghost' is that the 'ghost' is the 'life energy' of a person who died under emotional circumstances. Another similar traditional theory says that 'ghost' is the actual 'soul' or 'intelligent energy form' of a dead person. Now a days lots scientific research is carried out on Ghosts. It is all related to the first law of Thermal Dynamics: "Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it just changes form" - Albert Einstein (1879-1955).

According to the theory, the individual body is and has always been a bio-matrix containment system keeping some type of other but similar energy in it, and this secondary energy is unable to leave until the container is damaged or broken. This energy is a Quantum Field that has intelligence and is freedom of any other forces except forces in its known spectrum of energy. They also act like an electro-magnetic plasma field moving through molecules and have a DC charge that increases with their volume and mass and not changing form. This theory also established with others as well, they added that this energy becomes in evidence to human beings if the condition given is optimum for it to extract extra energy from the environment since energy is need to manifest themselves. 

There is one more Theory which uses concept of the 'Parallel Universe'. But to understand what the parallel universe is, we must understand the concept of the conventional science. Now days we all know that atom is made of subatomic particles like protons. These subatomic particles can be further divided into quarks. The quarks have wave-nature. So atoms posses the wave-nature. In short all the matter is made up of waves.

Conventional 'Quantum Physics' has several 'models' for describing the odd behaviors of matter at the sub-atomic level. Because the waves are known to have different characteristics, such as frequency, amplitude, polarizations, etc. These are all parts of conventional Science. The child of the conventional science is 'Parallel Universe'. It assumes that matter waves that have the same characteristics are real relative to each other. On the other hand, matter waves that have different characteristics, such as different amplitude, will not be real relative to each other. Matters composed of wave having the same characteristics form universes. The other waves are not affected by each other and co-exist just like radio waves of different frequencies and amplitudes in the air without interfering with each other, so many universes can be present in the same space. Sometimes the waves (in part of one universe to match or approach enough to that of another. When this happens, part of another universe may become 'real' to the other, and the universes are overlapping. 

In the 'Parallel World Theory', 'Ghosts' can be thought as matters that have different characteristics from our own universe. Hence, they are existing in the same space, but they are not 'real' to us. Clearly, the 'Ghosts', 'Spirits', or other 'Entities' have developed methods to alter the critical attribute to match that of our own universe. Therefore, for a short time, they become a part of our own world and 'visible' to us. Thus, if the match is ideal, then the being is as 'solid' as anyone else. If the match is less than perfect, there would be a kind of 'transparent effect', which is most often reported. A minor match may permit some communication with our world, but the being may not be visible.

Also the aspect of the concept of time relating to the 'parallel world set-up' is that time might be the effect of a gradual and steady increase in the absolute 'frequency' of matter waves. This would in fact separate each 'instant' of time into its own 'Parallel Universe'. So time 'flow' is the effect of the matter waves in our body steadily changing frequency and putting us in one parallel universe after another. From theory, if you change the 'Frequency' to match that of the universe at another time, then you could effectively 'travel' to that time. Hence to do' Time Travel', all one has to do is searching a way to alter the frequency of the matter waves in one's body.

If the concept of time relating to the 'Parallel World Theory' is true, actual 'Ghosts Worlds' is therefore parallel universes very much displaced in time. Hence, natural 'chaos' in this parallel universes system could explain the 'Time Warp' effects observed in the cases of 'Ghosts' of inanimate objects for example Ghost Ships etc. and incidents when people have actually visited another time periods, as reported in some cases.

Now after discussing the existence of the Ghosts we will discuss the theories about against the existence of Ghosts. Some people believe that 'Ghosts' might be a effect of very low frequency sound waves trapped inside building which were formed by wind passing over walls. There are the scientific tests which discovered that those low frequency winds do have an effect on the human body that can give a reason for the wraith-like appearance of ghosts and even the feelings of cold and terror that accompany them.

The effects of electromagnetic radiation on human brains are also very important to do research on ghosts. Scientists have performed many experiments to determine the effects of electromagnetic radiation released from high-tension power-lines, microwave ovens, lightning, mobile phones etc, on the human brains. Paranormal incidents, such as alien abductions, out of body experiences, may all be explained by the interruption of electromagnetic radiation in the brains. Our brain is an electro-chemical organ bombarded by electrical impulses. If these electric currents are disrupted in any way, it can cause hallucinations and false experiences. Different wave shapes cause different hallucinations. Some examples are a sense of floating, moving through a tunnel, vibrations, a feeling of telepathic communication, sudden (false) memories of childhood with another entity, bright lights, a sense of presence or even a tugging on ones arm or leg. One can easily deduce the experience and define it by their cultural/religious beliefs. 

So finally believe it or not, ghosts will be with us forever either in this universe or in our mind.  


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