Who Have Kept the Indian Democracy Alive?

Generally people may comment that India's political system and common masses political consciousness, education and faith on democracy have kept the Indian democracy alive. Is it a true fact? Factually and incidentally, common masses (out of whom, majority belongs to poor, and they are less conscious about democracy and democratic system of the nation) are the renewable fuel of this democracy. They are also being abused variedly. Election and voting rights are the mega festival and the mega opportunity respectively to this section.

Dole as benefits and misleading with fear and threat are the strategic assets to the political parties and their leaders to imply as per their tactical capacity. Political gathering and agitation turning to violence are organised by a politically sensitive section with tactical help of another section (poor and victims those who always seek some benefits of survival in this nation). The second section has less capacity of judgment of any issue for which their collaborative strength is used. And first category of sensitive section mostly belongs to a political party and their apolitical nature is hardly witnessed.

It is ashamed that government and its opponents are dreaming for better future hood of the nation and poor majority would get priority. But it is never followed so that a situational change of poor majority is mostly rare. It has become static/worse in this vibrant and dynamic democracy.

The poor majority has become reusable and renewable assets to this clever minority because they repeatedly testify and form a government with hope and expectation. But their fate never changes for a better living. Decision makers of formation of the governments have to beg since independence. But political party only begs during the election. No political party with different views has strategic efforts to resolve basic problems of sufferings of people.

Political parties provoke students to establish its political banner in the colleges and universities to make future leaders. But these parties do not create scope of employment with better education. These parties teach political rights as fundamental rather than right to employment as per capacity. When these students would agitate for a job, they would be treated differently as the enemy of the nation. Then, these political parties organise the farmers for agitation against government's harmful policy. But it does nothing for getting fair price of their products and how they would survive with dignity is an only agenda. It has been observed that majority of agitators against CAA/NRC hardly know about the provisions of the same and how much it is harmful to them and their identity. But they have been misled and motivated to join this movement that they would be evicted from the country.

Thus, after independence it has been seen that every government of varied political aim and agenda has been taking policy for the sake of some hidden actors (corporate and other influential stakeholders who play vital roles during the election). But it has not yet been taken firmed policy for masses who voted for a better dawn. It might be opined due to this political circus. Indian democracy is alive and democracy is the political rights to the sufferings to participate in the election and political gathering, if they get a glimpse of a new beginning.


More by :  Dr. Harasankar Adhikari

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