Why is a Terrorist Born

I wonder what drives a person to commit such atrocious crimes. What changes the human sprit in a person and turns him into a violent terminator? Unless we look into the psychology of what makes an ordinary person into a terrorist, we would be unknowingly breeding more and more. 

To gain economic and political foothold the strong and rich countries have always tried to manipulate the underdeveloped countries. Technological know-how from ordinary missiles to nuclear bombs is devised in rich countries and sold over to the countries and people who need them. Most arms manufacturers are from the western countries. 

Earlier in the 20th century, both USA and Europe tried to get foothold into Middle East. My view is that the decisions made then had not enough foresight. Unfortunately, such shortsighted maneuvers have backfired. We know that people like Bin Laden were encouraged by the US to even out with Russia during the cold war. Surreptiously the US had always lent a helping hand to the fundamentalists and revolutionaries. When and how did the proud revolutionary morph into a hated terrorist? Unless we get to the main crux of the issue, dig out why there is so much dissatisfaction and unrest, I'm afraid terrorism might keep flourishing.

I strongly feel that terrorists are not a single religion or group. They are monsters created by our actions in the past. If we don't analyze each step that we take today, we run the risk of breeding more terrorism for our future generation. I think that extreme capitalism and selfish political maneuvers don't do good to our lovely world in a long run. If we analyze the individual problems going on each part of the world, we would inevitably see oppression, confusion and discontent. The uneducated, misinformed, dissatisfied countrymen might be used as tools by the fundamentalists to achieve selfish ends. I am not saying that the west alone is responsible for this. In different parts of the world, for countless generations there have been incidences where the strong controlled and suppressed the weak and poor. When such weak people get into the hands of selfish fundamentalists, they are tutored to misinterpret the religious gospels and brainwashed into zombies, regardless of which religion they belong to.

If we sow good seeds today, our future generations will reap good fruits. Instead of trying to sell materialism and arms to these poor countries and rob them more of their riches, the west should contribute some of their profits for global development. I wish that richer countries spend some of the resources to enable basic amenities and education to the underdeveloped countries. Self sufficient life, education and stable political atmosphere will surely stem down the flood of terrorism we are encountering today. It might sound very idealistic but I strongly believe that where equality prevails, peace will reign.
There is nothing we humans can't achieve. 

May peace and happiness flourish in every nook and corner of this wonderful world.


More by :  Brindha Saran

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