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That Emotional Connect

Of late, I get into a lot of confusion on the concept of ‘love’.

Cinema, television web serials, new gen stories all, I feel, have created this confusion about which I have been already confused.

Google says ‘an emotional connection is a bundle of subjective feelings that come together to create a bond between two people. The word emotional means to arouse strong feelings. The feelings may be anger, sorrow, joy, love or any of thousands of emotions that humans experience.’

Movies and literature speak high about love! There millions of adjectives and explanations have been attributed to ‘true love’ which ultimately turns into something immortal! Think of the great love stories right from English ‘Romeo & Juliet’ to the present day novels and movies presenting love in different shades.

But, can anyone vouch strongly ‘love’ is that powerful?

I can hear many say ‘”YES”.

I do agree it is powerful. But, love emerging at first sight is because of physical attraction or mental compatibility? Well. I am one hundred percent sure it is physical attraction; I beg to differ that it is not ‘love at first sight’ but it is ‘lust at first sight’. If the vibe is on both sides it works out. Yet it goes off. But, we have come across stories and movies in which the hero or heroine (rarely) chase their counterpart to ‘make’ or ‘accept’ him/her that. Honestly, I find it strange. If love is so divine why so many love marriages end up in court, divorce, abuse or murder? That too in a holy land India where the concept of ‘one man-one woman’ relationship is celebrated!

In all these long years of life, I learnt something about it.

Love, like any other emotion is just transient. If someone says it is permanent and stand by it I applaud them; but not with a pinch of salt but a cartload of salt!

I am not just talking about love between lovers, or husband and wife where the basic bonding factor is ‘sex’. Even otherwise; love for children, love for friends, love for relationship, love for parents…

All keep changing with time and circumstances. Because every individual keeps evolving or keeps changing with time, age and experiences one goes through. Either they turn ruthlessly practical or shockingly philosophical.

It is my personal experience. Most of the attractions are basically on the dispositions of the person. Again the ‘good, bad or ugly’ is very subjective. None can see the beauty or purity of the heart at first sight. The physical appearance only counts.

Well, I would say from my personal experiences what work powerfully between two human being is the ‘emotional connect’.

It happens only with some, time and acquaintance and continuous interaction. This sort of emotional connect happens with only a few; not with many. I it is complex, and remember it need not be reciprocal! Even this emotional connect can likely to wither off with time and distance and being out of sight.

Notwithstanding all these, if it still endures,

May be one can call that emotional connect as ‘Love’ irrespective of who and what they are!


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Comment Once again thanks Mr. Rao for your comments on my write up and at the same time sharing my views also with you own experience. You have also given your perception on love, lust and like which I fully agree with you, in a way.

G Swaminathan
21-Jul-2019 11:24 AM

Comment Mr. Swaminathan: Thanks for addressing the meaning of the word love and the associated emotion, demystifying it and putting it in perspective along with other feelings. I could never understand this mythical thing espoused in classical literature or popular movies. I thought may be I will understand it one day. But after all these years I am equally uncertain about the meaning of love as different from like and lust. It is like unwrapping the onion and finding nothing inside.

P. Rao
21-Jul-2019 03:54 AM

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