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A Historian's Plight!

To raise one’s voice and make others accept and follow it genuinely, one requires power.  This power could be achieved only by one’s position in the society.  To achieve this position or status one has to make use of one’s talent, intelligence, wisdom, genius and so on which are inherent in everyone.  It all depends upon the intelligent use of opportunities one gets in life,

Friendship Organization or Club

To fulfill the above notion, the personalities of any society are responsible for the formation of some kind of friendship organization of dedicated individuals.  The friendship of these individuals though has not achieved anything at first in particular is interested in learning, understanding and following the true importance of education in order to live a purposeful life.  So, naturally each one is trying his level best to exploit his own talent by slowly adopting a system suitable to him.  The realization of the hidden skills in them are being appraised and stimulated by the process of thinking, speaking and writing.  As reading has become a habit, understanding the internal and external crises of each one has become an easy thing.  The pleasure of reading has developed and enhanced the knowledge of the individuals and which, in turn, after giving apt exercise to the mind has made the art of speaking and writing look towards perfection.


It is well known that to make a history is not so difficult as to write it.  “Anybody can make a history, but a great mind is required to make a history great.”  To ask a question is not so easy, because one requires not only the knowledge of the subject but also a bit of prudence.  A historian has to do both the works equally well.  Despite he is prudent or intelligent, a balanced and impartial mind is absolutely essential for him to produce effective history.  This is because history is not only a lesson but also a pragmatic guide to the noble minds and the good hearts to effect creative changes essential for the welfare of mankind.  By and large, history is a complete record of the epoch in which rise and fall of great empires, war and peace of great nations and so on that have taken place are distinctly depicted.

Differences in Histories

There will be a vast difference between the ideal history that has been discussed and the history of any friendship organization under preparation.  The two methods produce different results, but each result may be a fair answer to the particular questions posed in the beginning.  They become misleading only if either of them is accepted as the whole truth.  In the former case, a historian would gather information from the reliably important persons, who were aware of the causes, the events and the results of certain upheaval or incidence that took place earlier, from his own experience on such periods, from the remaining ruins of the places and from the legends.  But it cannot be so in the latter case; for the latter case, the prerequisites are the hints from the friends of the particular organization who are involved in some activities, the entire portion of the information found in the official reports and a vast amount of recollections of all the incidents by the historian who is also one of them.

Plight and Adventure of Historian

From these sources the first part of the history of friendship organization will be completed and the succeeding or the second part can easily be written to a certain or a convenient period.  Further this history will not only be a lesson and a guide to others as said before but also a record of errors and misjudgments of their minds leading towards maturity can be developed.  How bitter the task will then be for the poor historian!  Besides other things, this pleasingly weighty work offers him an opportunity to penetrate deep into the surface and throw light upon the motives and impulses that united the friends of the organization together.  Naturally, this is a kind of adventure to the historian; yet this is quite inevitable too! 


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