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The Road

I was walking down a road on a bright blue day. A long, winding road with no name; leading to nowhere. Or maybe, it would lead me to the mountains, in the kingdom of clouds, through mottled green forests, across ploughed fields ' all in shades of chocolate.

The trees cast long shadows, making the road look like a tiger's back ' a tapestry of shadow and fire. I walked with the gait of a person who has no cares in the world. Maybe, I was just pretending because I'd left the world of cold, blue computer screens and stifling deadlines far behind.

I didn't know how long I would walk, where I would go or how long this afternoon would last.

Maybe, someday, this afternoon would be a sepia snapshot, pressed between the pages of a crumbling album of memories. Or, like a forgotten flower, buried in the heavy pages of an atlas.

But this moment was alive'like an orange, crackling bonfire. This afternoon'yellow like a slab of butter, with its dancing shadows and blue skies was mine to cherish.

I walked on'because I wanted to.

Because I knew, that the journey today was beautiful.


More by :  Chandana Banerjee

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