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We, The Inscrutable Indians
by G Swaminathan Bookmark and Share
We, the Indians surprisingly live and multiply on the following premises:
  • No other country in the world glorifies poverty and misery as they have been done in India, the blessed place on earth. In fact, poverty is a curse
  • Poor people are always virtuous, which is not. Poverty is the root cause of many criminal acts. 
  • It is said that Kunti pleaded to Lord Krishna to give her misery and problems always so that she will always think and pray him. Why such request? So it is vouched by the close relative and blessed person like Kunti that God should be thought of only when there is misery. 
  • Bribing is part of our culture; that is why we have some temples and gods gloat on wealth while many languish in poor conditions. We bribe God also with money and material things. 
  • We want and aspire for all material comforts in multiplicity but our ancestors and present day philosopher discourse on simplicity
  • We unfortunately term ‘greed’ as ‘ambition’.
  • Education is not for knowledge but only to get a ‘specific’ and ‘hot’ job of that period. Today, it is in software field which does not actually demand more than a person of normal IQ and plus two qualifications and nothing else. 
  • All our ‘purnas’ and ‘itihasas’ highlight the virtue of men and women. But, unfortunately, I felt scandalized when I go into the various legal and illicit relationships that were covered in Mahabharata. 
  • Old people have to be taken care of like children and whatever they say will be profound. Not really. Age need not provide wisdom to all. 
  • Youth always brims with enthusiasm and should be given freedom of thought and expressions. Once again here too like the old age people with wisdom is not a common rule. On most occasions one can find the present day youngsters are more self centered and arrogant. 
  • We glorify villages and villagers in writing and talks but in reality villagers are moving towards urban places in search of better lives. 
  • The entertainment media invariably portray rich as the vicious and scheming and poor as virtuous and frank. It is nothing but absolute rubbish
  • Marriage and children are considered as the ultimate objectives of a human being. Not exactly, there are many other ‘ultimate’ in life than these two
  • The concept of ‘family’ is the greatest quality of India alone; Not only untrue but also absurd. It is ‘the family’ that is responsible for the whole lot of problems in this country because from the President to the Beggar of this country think only of their family and wards and not about the society
  • We consider that we are the culturally superior society in the whole world which is false. But, we only keep crying hoarse about rape, injustice to women, female infanticide, honor killing, dowry deaths, rape and ill treatment of weaker sex by weaker sex. Refer all ‘saas-bahu’ serials. 
  • Rituals should be given great importance in life because they have inner meaning which we may not be aware of. Factually, rituals are done only to satisfy some people and hardly carry any reason or logic and are completely outdated. 
  • We consider children are sent by God. But all these God’s gifts find place many times in the dust bins and road corners abandoned. 
What we Indians really want and believe is absolute freedom and unbridled indiscipline. We try to camouflage them by adding different colors to it. 
Whether it is yesterday, today or tomorrow, India and Indian people are and will be inscrutable. 
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Comments on this Article

Comment Thank you so much Mr Murthy and Dr Uppal for sharing the views with total objectivity!

G Swaminathan

06/12/2013 22:21 PM

Comment A very Devastating & revealing analysis of India, its culture & its traditions. Warren Hastings [A Governor General ] had studied indians deeply & he wrote- " Indians have no concept of Nationhood,They only have Caste & family concepts ". It is rightly said that What cuts deep in Politics cuts deep everywhere.Our Politics is Dirty,sleazy,corrupt, lawless,self-centred, criminalised & lacking in any vision...The same is true in every aspect of life in india.

06/12/2013 09:21 AM

Comment Brilliant - "What we Indians really want and believe is absolute freedom and unbridled indiscipline."

BS Murthy
04/21/2013 06:28 AM

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