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The Nature of Time

The observation that time and world outlive us and hence are not a function of our perception and they are absolute is partially correct. But there is absolute physical world that outlives our perception but the time we feel outlives us is just our creation.

Time does not exist on its own. It is created by processes physical, psychological, cosmic and social etc., Time is essentially having two existences: physical, psychological. The physical existence is the result of transformation of energy and or change of phase of matter by aid of energy as one of movement, change and becoming (growth or degeneration).

We mistake energy transformation as time and its passage. Actually processes are happening (changes in, to matter and energy) and we are considering them to be happening due to passage of time. We can easily see a plant grows but not a rock because of passage of time.

Plant growing in inbuilt and environment helps. The same is true for degeneration of plant or life systems. Passage of time is our counting. We can see all time measuring devices have an energy transformation going on based on some physical change and we measure it with clocks which has no relation to universal passage of time. Actually there is no universal time as we feel and measure.

Psychological time is our perceptive relation of our mistaken passage of time. We can see day and night of 24 hours duration are formed so regularly on earth only of entire solar system and what happens else wherein the galaxies and universe is beyond our perception and comprehension.

Biological time in living systems is tuned to this 24 hour cycle on earth. When this rhythm is disturbed - like air travel from one continent ot other continent having different time zones like jet lag are examples of this.

Actually one date exists for "two days" on our planet due to revolution of earth and the dates in Australia and the USA differ by one day. In reality our calculation is responsible for this.

Psychological time is divided as phases of mind and mental energy transformations. In the absence of mental energy transformations which are our thoughts, we feel time-transcendence. Passage of time is our feeling.

Past is our memory and future is our imagination, fear, anxiety, apprehension etc. in thought forms. Our pain, unhappiness, happiness are recollection of past events with egoistic mind as thought forms in the present.

The present is actually a continuously changing perception and awareness every one tenth of a second.

After all thisI am compelled to mention that our awareness and understanding of nature of time is not complete from scientific, societal and philosophical points of view. Our idea of time is as enigmatic as our idea of God.

Time does not exit and has no role in either determining our lives or any processes happening in the universe. Time is only created by various kinds of processes. We perceive it wrongly as influencing our lives. Passage of time is our mistaken notion and identity.

As said above passage of time is ongoing of processes physical, psychological (with egoistic mind) or cosmic.

For ordinary people this much explanation of nature of time is not necessary. They can be left to their notion and ideas about nature of time as existing.

It is only for philosophers, enlightened and enthusiastic minds and intellectuals interested in knowing various phenomenon and seekers of knowledge that we must tell all that i narrated above. We cannot determine intellectual matters to the comfort of normal people.

Our keeping of time and counting have no relevance, meaning, use or application outside our planet earth. Our keeping universal time is a myth.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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